Work, Work, Workout, Work

It’s a vicious cycle and we’ve all been in it- work gets busy, deadlines creep up and you’re behind, you’re stressed, and you’re eating whatever food is available while working in front of the computer.  You’re probably staying up later than normal and the next day you’re exhausted, too tired to go to the studio to work out and besides, who has time for it?  The body tries to balance itself when it’s tired by telling you you’re hungry and so naturally, you eat more and then feel even more sluggish.  Next comes business travel.  Yikes, in addition to being jet-lagged, you’re eating rich foods at events and the late nights amass.  The workout slips again and you feel even more run down.  Besides, not all hotels have gyms and anyways you forgot to pack your sneakers.  So how do you get out of this work stress- no time to eat properly- no workout – tired cycle?

Unfortunately there’s no magic trick or secret.

There are only so many hours in a day.  If work gets busy, you need to give up more hours of the day for work.  So the answer is to make workouts a priority.  That means taking a look at your schedule and re-prioritize to fit in working out.  Even doing an aerobic exercise for just 20 min. a day makes a difference.  That may mean waking up earlier for a 6 am Uforia class, giving up a TV show or maybe less time surfing the Internet.

What about fitting in physical activity into your current routine?  Maybe take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Maybe bike instead of driving to the office.  There are also plenty of effective exercises on youtube that you can do at your desk, when you need a break.  Examine your schedule and see what simple changes you can make.

It’s also key to make healthy choices with food, especially when stressed or traveling.  A bag of chips and a banana may have the same number of calories, but one will make you feel sluggish while the other will nourish you.  Green Smoothies are a fast, nutritious and filling breakfast choice.  Just throw some veggies and fruit in the blender and in less time than waiting at the coffee line, you’ve had all the veggies and fruits to energize you!  If you can pack your lunch and snacks the evening before in a cooler bag, when you’re starving the next day, you can reach for your prepared healthier snack instead of vending machine fare.

Chances are, you haven’t read anything you don’t already know.  It’s just time to make the commitment.  When you make health a priority by exercising regularly and eating nourishing foods, not only do you feel better, but you’ll have more energy and be more productive at work!