Why our Rockstars 💜 to Sweat

We asked a few uforia Rockstars why they love to sweat:


uforia instructor - Jackie


Exercising is an excellent stress reliever, contributes to a stronger healthier body and self confidence, and makes it THAT much easier to power up the hills of San Francisco!

-GRIT Rockstar Jackie







It allows you to honor your body in a way that shows you respect and appreciate the gift that is your body. It also allows you to take control of your energy, physical ability, and allows you to learn that you can push yourself to new heights. And if none of that is exciting, it can also be powerful to be able to show off great parts of your body after you start seeing results (because who doesn’t love a good tank tap, crop top, or mini-skirt?;) )

-GRIT Rockstar Dynasti



Ali-Rossi copyExercising is one of those things that keeps me sane. It gives me an opportunity to disconnect from everything and take time for myself. Not only are there obvious physical benefits to exercise, many studies show that exercise improves brain function as well. As long as you’re exercising safely, there is literally only upside to staying active. I have always loved to exercise – running, biking, bootcamp, yoga..I will try anything at least once if it promises to challenge my body and mind. I recognize that is not the case for everyone, evidenced by the numerous friends who laugh at my invitations for a 6am class. Some have physical restrictions or just haven’t found an activity that they enjoy, something that motivates them to make exercise a regular part of their life. I encourage you to adopt that mindset of trying everything once. I guarantee you will find something that works for you and once you do, those endorphins and that amazing feeling of accomplishment, will keep you coming back.

-Revolutions Rockstar Ali