uforia’s Top Tips for Sticking with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Did you make New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, you’re in good company: about half of Americans make New Year’s resolutions each year! As you can probably guess, the majority of resolutions have to do with diet and exercise…surprise, surprise! After all the indulgence of the holiday season, it’s no wonder that many of us look for a reset button.


Now that we’re a week into Resolution Season, we wanted to check in and offer some friendly advice to help you stick with your fitness goals. And even if you aren’t the resolution-making type, some extra motivation can’t hurt, right?


Here are some of our favorite tips:

1)    Be realistic: Aim to set goals that you can realistically envision fitting into your existing lifestyle. For example, if you have a serious relationship with the snooze button and already struggle with your morning routine, then vowing to always make it to 6:15am Revolutions might not be your best bet.

2)    Set concrete goals: Instead of saying, “I’m going to exercise more,” set an actual target and a timeframe for accomplishing your goals. For example, sign up and train for a 5k in February or commit to two Zumba classes and two GRIT classes a week.

3)    Hold yourself accountable: If you tell your family and friends about your resolutions, you may be more likely to stick with them. Teaming up with a friend is also a recipe for success. Find a workout buddy or commit to healthy lunches with your crew of friends at work.

4)    Be patient with yourself: We often expect behavior change to happen overnight but it takes time to change habits. Don’t beat yourself up if you slip up from your dessert-free-January resolution and have a few bites of your friend’s birthday cake. But also don’t take that as license to throw in the towel and eat the whole darn cake!

5)    Celebrate your small victories along the way!: You may have a big goal in mind, but don’t forget to reward yourself for the smaller milestones along the way. We can’t go from zero to hero over night, so give yourself some periodic pats on the back throughout your quest for hero-status to help you stay motivated. Just be sure that your celebrations don’t derail your progress. Don’t blow your healthy eating resolution by rewarding yourself with a massive junk food binge, for example!


Remember that the uforia Rockstars and Concierge Team are here to help you make all of your fitness goals a reality, so don’t hesitate to reach out to them. Let the Rockstars who lead your classes know what you’re trying to achieve so they can help guide you along the way. They’re also awesome about providing modifications and personal attention, so don’t be afraid to try something new just because you think it might be tough. Looking to ramp up your fitness routine? Our Concierge Team can help recommend the best classes for you.

You’ve got this!!