uforia’s newest creation – behind the scenes

This week we decided to take a behind the scenes look at what it takes to launch a new class.

At uforia we truly have the best creative minds in the fitness industry. We have amazing teachers who can balance music and movement with grace and grit! They deliver an amazing experience and a challenging and fun workout. No small feat.

This is a glimpse into what it takes to launch a new program at uforia.

February – We need a new class

  • Clients keep asking for a more dancy yoga and pilates type class

March – The creative juices start flowing

  • The core creative brains behind the program start discussing the details
  • Alissia, Matt, Lissy and Sarah meet

April – What a feeling

  • The fun of deciding on the ‘feeling’ for the class begins
  • Hilarious videos are shared about existing classes like; Hottie Body Hump Club and BUTI
  • We also start taking inspirational classes at other studios in the area and around the country

May – The branding

  • The idea for the class takes shape and we start discussing the details with our designers and image gurus, Heater and David.

June – The music

  • The music and initial playlists are passed around and edits are made

July – The soft launch

  • The class demos begin and staff are invited to critique and give feedback on the class
  • Based on great feedback, we decided to change the focus of the class slightly
  • More work for everyone and back to the drawing board for the teachers

August – Finishing touches

  • The final refinements are implemented and teachers are preparing to teach the class
  • The name and branding is chosen

September – The launch

  • Bliss will launch later this month of course with a couple launch parties!

To find out more about Bliss and the launch parties, look for invitations on Facebook and in the weekly newsletter.

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