Sarah Lux


Sarah Lux is the co-founder and CEO of uforia studios. Before discovering her uforia, Sarah was a lifelong athlete and competed in the USA Triathlon Collegiate Nationals in 2007 and was a member of the Stanford Triathlon Team. While working as a Program Manager and Fitness Director at Anacor Pharmaceuticals Sarah realized the power of a fitness community. Being far from home (Canada) and fresh out of her triathlon experience Sarah went searching for a fun place to sweat. When she didn’t find what she was looking for, she launched her fitness community, uforia studios.

At uforia she focuses mostly on developing the best fitness programs and Rockstars in the industry.

Sarah can be found embracing the sweat, mostly in GRIT and Revolutions but occasionally getting out of her comfort zone on the Hip Hop Club dance floor . She is also the proud parent of Mila, Stella and Celeste, and loves spending family time at the beach, cooking and doing fun kid things again!

Sarah’s fave uforia value:

  • Love the hustle

    • “I was the one and only concierge when we started and I know it takes a village to keep the studio running! I have also really come to really appreciate the team effort it takes. The managers who keep the crew happy, well educated and supported and the client support managers who take care of any and all client requests. It also makes working at uforia so much more fun and brings a more diverse and inclusive experience to our clients.”