Uforia Goes Yogi

Uforia is all about fun, as you know, but everyone needs to slow down and breathe every now and then too. That’s why we’re offering a special yoga workshop this Sunday (for yogis and non-yogis alike). A whole hour and a half to focus on no one else but you.

Today with all of the devices we hold in front of us (ya, we’re talking to you in front of that computer/phone screen!) there is no wonder why our minds and bodies are totally stressed out. A simple game changer that many people use to help keep calm? One word: yoga.

The benefits from yoga are endless; it can help with lower back, hip, and joint pain – to name a few. The meditation that goes hand in hand with the different poses you go through helps you focus on nothing but your breath. No one else in the class matters. The focus is all on you and your inner-self. Some other advantages are increased flexibility and better posture.

Space is limited so sign up today to find your “chi” with us this weekend.