Ready to Smash Your 2018 Goals? uforia Fuel is Here!

We can’t believe the Holiday Season is almost over! The stress of the shopping, endless parties, and long days at the office to hit those numbers and meet deadlines are starting to weigh in on us. Luckily, we get to soak up every last minute with family and friends; perhaps enjoy some of life’s greatest indulgences (hello, sweet tooth and unlimited wine refills!). Balance, right? When it’s all said and done, we can end up feeling less than stellar. Trust us, we get it.

Now is the time when those New Years Resolutions start looming over our heads because we all know 2018 will be here before we know it. So let us ask you, what are your 2018 fitness goals? Do you want to lose body fat? Gain lean muscle? Have more energy?

We are so excited to announce a new program that we have spent countless hours and hard work to develop– uforia Fuel. The program was curated by our very own boss babes, Sarah Lux (uforia’s CEO) and Michelle McGovern (uforia’s COO).

The program includes an eight-week nutrition program for uforia clients that promotes healthy eating, movement and balanced living. 2018 is a year to smash your fitness goals, and uforia Fuel is a tool to make sure you get there.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Sarah and Michelle to ask some questions about uforia Fuel and how it’s changing the game for clients.

uforia: We all know and love uforia for the sweaty and fun workouts, but what brought about the decision to introduce uforia Fuel to clients?  

Michelle: Many of our clients have a health or wellness goal they are looking to achieve but don’t have the support to achieve these goals.  Most fitness companies only help clients with their workouts, which is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to overall health and wellness. At uforia, we saw the opportunity to pair our awesome, sweaty workouts with nutrition coaching to help our clients achieve their goals.  Fuel is all about leading a healthier life – fueling their body with great food that will help them have more energy, sleep better, and increase performance in their workouts.

uforia: It’s really exciting that clients in the Fuel program will get one-on-one attention straight from the CEO and COO of uforia! What can clients expect from you as their personal coach? 

Sarah: We know that success in nutrition and fitness is a marathon, not a sprint. It really helps to have a community support. uforia has such an amazing community at both studios, so we’d like to replicate that vibe, give help and support, and keep clients accountable with uforia Fuel. That’s my mission.

Michelle: Sarah and I have a lot of similarities in that we both have extensive backgrounds in coaching and nutrition.  I am an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, which includes training in nutrition.  I also personally lost over 40 pounds when I was in my early 20’s and have maintained it since (I don’t want to reveal my age, but its been almost 10 years 😉).  This personal experience helps me identify especially with those clients who have weight loss or body fat reduction goals.  Finally, I am a GRIT Rockstar at uforia, so you know I’m going to push my clients to work harder than they ever have!  I’m all about the work hard-play hard mentality, and fueling the body efficiently is critical to both the work and the play.

uforia: There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about weight loss and nutrition; countless diets and workout routines don’t provide the results most people want. How is uforia Fuel different? 

Michelle: Fuel is different from your typical diet or weight loss plan because it is centered around using foods you already eat to achieve your goals.  We want to teach our clients how to lead a sustainable, healthy life even after the goal is achieved.  Additionally, most diets and workout routines don’t come with a personal coach to help you achieve your goals.  Sarah and I will be here every day for clients  to keep them on track, motivated, and one step closer to those goals.

Has anyone tested the program before uforia’s launch?

Sarah: Yes! We just finished a pilot program, and it was a great success! We learned a lot about what is important along the nutrition journey, and as a result, we found the need to add in-person sessions and on-line hangouts along with “Fuel Buddies” into the program!
Michelle: I also want to add that you can read some of the personal testimonials on our website (  Personally, I lost 4 pounds during the pilot and feel AWESOME going into the holiday season!

When does it start and how do I sign up?

Michelle: You can sign up at by January 7th to participate!

Are you ready to make 2018 your best year yet?

Fuel on, friends!