Top 10 Reasons to Work out at Uforia Studios TODAY!

10. Lift your shirt and look at your belly.  Jillian Michaels or not?

9. Work on achieving a new goal.  Maybe keep your heart rate at a certain level during uCycle.  Maybe touch your toes in yoga.

8. Eat dessert tonight without guilt.

7. To stay healthy and avoid injury.  Keep your glucose and cholesterol levels down without medication! By strengthening the muscles around your knees, your knees are less likely to get injured.  Ditto for avoiding back injuries.

6. For your kids.  Be healthy to keep up with them!  You are also an example to your children whether you realize it or not- If you exercise, they will want to as well.

5. Endorphins- The cheap way to get high.

4. It’s a small world.  Don’t you want to look your best if you run into your ex or frenemy?

3. To build your stamina.  It’s a great feeling to notice you’re in better shape while hiking or cycling outdoors this weekend.

2. Who doesn’t want to see Sarah’s smiling face and say hi to her?

1.  Because you can.  There are many people out there that are ill/injured/disabled and unable to move.  They would do anything to be mobile or not be in pain.  Be thankful for your health, regardless of body size, and cherish it.