Three Years Later

Wow. Three years! I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since we opened the doors at uforia on February 1st, 2011.

themeI started uforia because, as a former college athlete, I missed the community-based workouts that I got while training with the support of my teammates. I wanted to create a place where people could come not just to get a great workout, but also to really feel like part of something bigger than themselves.


uforiansThe vision was to create a positive community of rockstar instructors and amazing clients, with the goal of making fitness fun and accessible so that everyone can lead a healthy lifestyle…and love it! Although there have been many ups and downs over the past three years, we’ve constantly focused on uforia’s phenomenal community spirit and it brings me so much joy to see how far we’ve come.


Let’s take a little walk down memory lane, shall we?

    • Do you remember when we didn’t have an all-star concierge team to greet you when you entered the studio?


    • What was uforia before we had Revolutions?? And what did we do before the fabulous remodeling of The Underground?


    • Who remembers uDefine, the precursor to GRIT? Or GRIT without our signature blue boxes?


    • How did we unwind and relax before bliss?


    • What was your first theme class at uforia? Did it involve Matt wearing something tight and shiny? Or the uCycle team moving in perfect rhythm to the Hallelujah Chorus?

 theme 2

    • Seriously, how did we ever kick off the weekend in style before we got this little church shaking on Friday nights with Matt’s Revolutions class and Lee’s Hip Hop class?

 Lee and Matt

    • Have you seen or danced in any of our flash mobs all over Palo Alto? Remember dancing in the aisles of Whole Foods?


The past three years have been a wonderful adventure, and the entire uforia team is so incredibly grateful for all of your support. We wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you! So thank you for embracing the sweat with us, for competing in our fitness challenges, for bringing your friends and loved ones to class, and for just being a part of this special little community.

We’ve loved getting to know all of you over the past three years and can’t wait to see what the future holds!