The Keys to A Healthy, Active Pregnancy

Here at uforia, we have a bit of baby fever this summer! Owner Sarah gave birth to her adorable baby girl last month, Hip Hop Master Teacher Lee is a new dad, and our wonderful studio manager, Ciera, is due next month.

Since we have babies on the brain, we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the amazing new moms and moms-to-be in the uforia community. We know that adjusting your exercise routine during pregnancy can seem like a daunting task, but luckily, most active women are able to modify and keep doing the workouts they love throughout their pregnancies! Obviously everyone is different and you should always consult your doctor, but keep reading for tips from some of the lovely ladies of uforia.


adiel 2

Adiel – Dance aficionado, blogger, and soon-to-be Mom

How did you stay active during your pregnancy? What changes did you make to your pre-pregnancy fitness routine?

One of the first things that crossed my mind when I found out I was expecting is that I was nervous I wouldn’t be able to work out anymore. As it turns out, since I was already working out, my doctor said it was perfectly okay to keep doing what I was doing so long as I was listening to my body. I didn’t make any changes to the frequency of my workouts, but I am definitely more conscious of making sure I have the proper attire, stay hydrated, and make sure my heart rate isn’t getting too high. Helpful hint: My doctor says as long as you can speak a sentence while working out, you’re okay. Which is why you’ll usually see me singing along with the music while I work out.

Any unexpected challenges?

The only real challenge has been dressing for my changing body. It’s not always easy to find comfy, let alone cute, workout wear that doesn’t press on my belly or expanding rib cage.

What advice would you have for other pregnant women looking to stay fit?

I think the biggest advice for other pregnant women is to do your best to be active before becoming pregnant, if you can. Any doctor will tell you that being pregnant is not the best time to start a new exercise routine so if you intend on being active while pregnant (and you should!), that should start now.

My second biggest piece of advice is to not be shy or embarrassed about modifying your workout. Your body is going through a lot of changes; your center of gravity is shifting, your joints are loosening, and your lung capacity is shrinking. You need to listen to your body’s capabilities. For instance, I started cutting out most jumping moves in Zumba and hip hop and remaining seated during quicker up & downs during Rev.
Finally, stay hydrated, keep in contact with your doctor, and remember not to be to be too hard on yourself if you can’t do the things you could do before getting pregnant. As some of my uforia buddies like to remind me, you’re growing a human being inside you! It’s good enough that you’re even working out at all.


SarhSarah – uforia’s owner and Mom to Mila, age 1 month

What did you do to stay active and healthy throughout your pregnancy?

I tried to take as many classes as possible! Seriously, staying active is the best thing when you are pregnant. Obviously you have to modify, but it still feels so good to be active and get sweaty. I especially loved coming to GRIT, Revolutions and Defy Yoga.
I’ve always loved to swim, and swimming while pregnant felt great. I had to stop running, because it felt awful, but I really enjoyed hiking.


What advice would you have for other pregnant women looking to stay fit? 

Keep doing what you loved to do pre-pregnancy. Seriously, it is way easier to recover if you’re fit, and you may even have a shorter labor – mine was 3 hours. Your body obviously won’t move quite like it did before you were pregnant, so listen to your body but stay active as much as possible. There are always great ways to modify, so never hesitate to ask your teacher!

I also liked taking the back space in classes. I was able to relax and really just enjoy my workout, partly because I wasn’t focused on being hard core 😉

I’d also add that continuing to eat healthy food is very important, as you’ll feel better. It’s hard when you can’t stomach vegetables, or other foods, at the beginning, but I promise that will pass. I found that smoothies were a great way to get in lots of fruits and veggies – give my famous green smoothie recipe a try!


heather3-800x1000Heather – GRIT Rockstar and Mom to Santiago, age 4 months

How did you stay active during your pregnancy? What changes did you make to your routine?

The most important thing I learned is to stay hydrated and listen to your body – you’ll know if you’re doing too much! During my second trimester I switched from hot yoga to pre-natal yoga, and around 5 months, I switched from running to walking. I kept up with kettlebells (my favorite!) but modified my routine to use less weight and include new moves. I continued to spin, take yoga, and teach GRIT through my last trimester, but I had to slow down and modify the moves. I experienced back pain due to the new weight I was carrying, so as I said before, I had to learn to really listen to my body.

What advice would you have for other pregnant women looking to stay fit?
Walk or do something active every day, even if you feel nauseous. I continued to teach and workout through my nausea and always felt better after. Additionally, indulge your cravings, but don’t go crazy – this was hard for me! I ate very cleanly before I got pregnant, so it was an adjustment for me to learn how to handle my pregnancy cravings. Right after I gave birth, I lost the cravings and went right back to my normal eating habits. Finally, remember that everyone is different, and every pregnancy is different. Take things at your own pace.

How has staying active during your pregnancy helped you in the first few months post-pregnancy? What does your fitness routine look like these days?

I was strong during labor and I feel my stomach muscles building again pretty quickly. My strength has been coming back quickly, and my cardio levels are starting to return. It’s not easy to bounce back, but I know it would have been even harder after giving birth if I hadn’t stayed active throughout my pregnancy. I now take a walk with Santiago every day for an hour – he’s getting pretty big now and I’ve just started jogging with him! I also do mini at-home workouts while he naps. I’ve started taking yoga and returning to GRIT classes, and I’m starting to see more weight come off. I feel more and more like my pre-pregnancy self each day!