The countdown continues…5 days!

The last couple days have largely revolved around tying up the final loose ends with the build out.  We’re almost done and the studios look amazing! Construction is 98% complete and should finish up by Friday when we have the final inspection scheduled.

We were really lucky to have found an amazing contractor Casey at Cody-Brock, who has pushed a very hard schedule without sacrificing quality.  The key, I’ve learned, is that he uses really high quality sub-contractors who he’s vetted over many years in the industry.  We couldn’t be happier with the result.  Fingers crossed that the final inspection goes well and we’re able to get our use permit!

It’s hard to convey in words (and even in pictures) how great the space turned out, but I’ll try.

We were lucky to start with one of the oldest historic buildings in Palo Alto, the former AME Zion Church built in 1925.  The building had a full gut renovation in 2007 to bring it up to current building codes and return it to its original condition.  We then did an extensive renovation to turn it into a stunning function fitness center.

The main floor has 16 foot high ceilings, original wood flooring and 9 huge stained glass windows.  We’ve divided it into four spaces: a women’s and men’s restroom each with two sinks, two toilets, and 10 foot high original windows which provides abundant natural light; a lobby with a desk, retail area, water fountains, and a stunning 16 foot high etched glass feature wall which leads to the main studio with its 4 huge windows, 16 foot ceilings, 9 foot high mirrors, ballet barres on two walls, TRX mounts, built in storage for all the equipment and a kicking 2000 watt stereo system.

The basement has an industrial feel perfect for a spin studio.  The design is simple with concrete floors, mirrored walls, and a solid AC system to keep the studio fresh and cool.  We’ve designed the space to prevent sound from escaping so we can crank up the volume on our second 2000 watt stereo system.  We like our spin classes dimly lit so that you can focus on your own workout so we chose subdued diffuse lighting in the spin studio.  Best of all though are the 21 brand new Lemond RevMaster Pro bikes and the elevated instructors stage.

Yesterday we made a trip to purchase all the odds and ends we’d need to open.  Things like garbage cans, and q-tip holders.  Well, a few odds and ends turned into a u-haul full of stuff, so we should be fully stocked for opening day!

Our special offer of $100 off a 10 class pack has really taken off the last couple days, so we’re hopeful to open with a good crew of enthusiastic customers.  The offer ends on January 31 so now’s the time to lock in a great rate and sign up!  Like I said before, I can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect on day one, but I can guarantee that we’ll have a stunning studio and some of the best instructors around.

The next five days are going to be crazy, but all the encouragement and support you’ve voiced has really helped push me along.  Thank you, and I’ll report back soon!