The best drink in town…

This week we’re very excited to kick off our partnership with the amazing and local beverage company, Clearly Kombucha! Ali Zarrow (uforia client) and co-founder tells us all about her passion for developing a very healthy and delicious drinks. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of trying kombucha, it is a fermented tea-based beverage, with deep roots in the cultures of Central Asia and the Far East.

Ali, what made you want to start a kombucha company?

I started Clearly Kombucha for many different reasons. The first reason that led me to wanting to create a kombucha company was the fact that I was drinking it and feeling amazing. The benefits that one feels from kombucha is unique to every individual but once you start drinking kombucha consistently, you end up noticing how much better you feel. At the time I began Clearly Kombucha there were not a lot of choices in the kombucha section at Whole Foods. In fact, there was only one other brand. This to me seemed as though it was an opportunity.

How is Clearly Kombucha different from other kombucha drinks?

Other kombuchas look cloudy and unfiltered and have a vinegary smell and taste, I thought that if we were able to create a kombucha that could conquer those two issues, we could tap into a greater range of consumers. After careful research and months of searching for the best ingredients, we settled on using an organic, whole leaf green tea high in antioxidants and sourced the highest quality organic juices to add a touch of flavor at the end of our fermentation. The result is a slightly bubbly, thirst quenching kombucha that actually tastes good. Clearly Kombucha is continuing to focus its efforts in California and the Pacific Northwest over the next year.

How did you find uforia?

I found uforia when I was still living in downtown PA but it wasn’t open yet. I discovered the blog where Sarah wrote about the build out of the studio and the frustrations, delays, and late nights that go into having something you call your own. At the time, I too was going through the same issues while we were building out our brewery and I enjoyed reading about someone else going through similar experiences. By the time uforia was open, I had moved to the east bay to oversee operations in our brewery but as soon as I returned to the Peninsula, I immediately wanted to try out a Revolutions class. I love the community aspect of uforia.  (familiar faces, high energy, overall a team feeling when you are sweating away). I always leave feeling amazing and full of energy (even after a brutal workout). There is something about uforia that by the time you leave, you walk out with a smile on your face and a clear mind. (regardless about how crazy you felt before you walked in).

How do you make time for classes with your very busy schedule?

For anyone just getting ready to start their Uforia journey, my advice is to just keep going. Once you get into a routine, it becomes addicting. The motivation and energy you feel and build while you are spinning or gritting away is something that brings you back day after day.

What’s your go-to post class treat?

My go to flavor right now for a post workout refresher is Strawberry Hibiscus or Black Currant Clearly Kombucha 🙂 Both are super light and with just enough flavor to make your tastebuds sing without being overwhelming after an intense sweat session.

Where can we find Clearly Kombucha?

Aside from uforia, you can find Clearly Kombucha at Northern California Whole Foods and most of the Bay area Safeways among other small independent grocery stores. And, come and try samples on Friday and Saturday at uforia’s 3rd birthday parties!