Meet Bianca!

Bianca found uforia almost a year ago when her Instagram search of dance classes in San Francisco brought up Josef’s class! She knew she had to try his class after watching the video and was immediately hooked. She has taken almost 120 classes since becoming an All Access member! 

Bianca’s favorite are the dance classes. She mostly takes Josef, Esteban, and Walker’s classes!  As she says, “each of the dance instructors have different styles and personalities that make the classes so much fun you don’t even realize you’re working out”.

While Binaca was having so much fun dancing she didn’t realize that through her dance classes she became more comfortable in her own skin. 

As she says, “dance has really allowed me to let loose, release stress and given me a confidence that I thought I had lost due to the pandemic”. 

Biana wants all clients new and experienced to, “not let fear or worry keep you from trying something you’re curious about! You might find your new favorite workout and will find an amazing community.” Bianca admits that she was nervous for her first class. “Not only was the front desk staff welcoming, I remember Josef also introduced himself and other members in the class introduced themselves to me before and after class. I have made so many friends since becoming a uforia member”.

We love you Bianca and we love our uforia members and community. You are what make our studio such a happy, fierce, sweaty place! If you’re curious about becoming a member, you can learn more here and all new clients can do our new client membership for only $59.