Taking on a New Challenge: Tori

What gets you out of your comfort zone?

It’s February 15th, 2017. The January #goals madness has died down (slightly) so we’re ready to take February by storm & get out of our fitness comfort zone.
Because who doesn’t love a good challenge?!

Revolutions Rockstar Tori is showing us how it’s done by adding GRIT Rockstar to her uforia lineup.

We caught up with Tori to chat about what inspired her to take the plunge:



When I first started taking classes at uforia, I naturally gravitated towards Rev. I love indoor cycling and our Rockstars got me hooked. When I started taking GRIT, I was always floored by how challenging I found it, and I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I finished class. It’s a totally different kind of workout. I decided to teach GRIT because I want to share that feeling with our clients and also push myself to get stronger and become a better rounded instructor.

Look out for Tori on the Nob Hill GRIT schedule!