uforia SweatList 2018

September Challenge

Complete 12 classes in 30 days

Get limited edition swag or access to a VIP exclusive after party

All of your favourite artists

  65+ theme classes

Are you up for the challenge?

12 classes for $169

SweatList 2018 is a challenge that you don’t want to miss this September! A fusion between a music festival and the sweaty uforia experience, you have 30 days to complete 12 classes. With 65+ theme classes celebrating your fave music—including artists like Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce & Drake—SweatList 2018 will be a sweaty celebration of music and strength.

Those that complete the challenge will get one-time limited edition uforia branded swag or an exclusive invite to the after party.

If you’re an All Access member, you can participate for only $25!

Are you ready to conquer your fitness goals to the beat of your fave artists? Can you complete the challenge? Limited spots available, sign up now!

Sign up!

SweatList passes are valid for classes completed September 1 – 30. Only available to purchase and register August 9 – September 7. Participants must complete 12 uforia classes to fill your lanyard and claim a prize. All participants must complete the above form with your preferred prize.

sweatlist 2018 poster


Clients with an All Access membership are able to participate using their membership classes and just a $25 registration to get on the list. To confirm participation, please complete above form. Clients with an Intro or Premier membership are able to participate – please email memberships@uforiastudios.com to pause your membership and get in on the action.


Do I need to take a theme class to get a sticker for my lanyard?

No, any uforia class applies to your target of 12!

Will workshops apply to the challenge?

Yes! In fact, each workshop equals two stickers on your lanyard.

What if I want the one-time limited edition swag and access to the exclusive after party?

Of course you want both, and we’re here to tell you, you can have both! Choose the after party on your form, and those who complete the challenge will have the ability to buy the SweatList 2018 swag.

When do I have to sign up by to participate in SweatList 2018?

September 7 is your last possible day to sign up for the challenge. We recommend signing up before the end of August so you have more time to get your 12 classes in, or in case space fills up.