Sweating Outside the Box: Alisha

You know you’ve seen Alisha leading us in booty pops in Hip Hop Club and Feugo, and we’re thrilled to now have her join us in the Underground as a Revolutions Rockstar! We’re inspired by her journey into a new type of fitness. Coming from a serious and impressive history of dance training, Alisha rides the bike like a natural! Read more about how she found her uforia by trying something new!

We’re inspired by you because you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone and normal routine to try something new! What motivated you to shake things up?

Themed classes!! My first Revolutions class was a Michael Jackson Theme Ride. It sounded fun, so I thought I’d give it a try! It obviously rocked my world and I couldn’t stop getting my dance on in the underground after that.

What do you love about your new workout?

I love how fun and efficient it is. I’m doing strength training and cardio all rolled into one while rocking out to blasting tunes. Best 45 minutes ever! It feels good on my body to try something new and engage my muscles in different ways.

alishaAt uforia, we find that challenging yourself to try something new is all part of a healthy workout mentality. Why is trying something new meaningful to you?

Trying something new helps me get out of my comfort zone. Doing something that’s new and challenging makes me feel empowered. Fitness can be a mental game too and sometimes you need new sources of inspiration. Plus, having fun while I sweat is so important to me and I don’t want to close myself off to new experiences.

What would you say to someone who’s considering trying a new class for the first time?

Just go for it! No fear! Bring a buddy if it makes you more comfortable and don’t be afraid to have fun. I always say that you should  take a new class at least twice before making any permanent decisions about it. Give yourself time to find your groove!

Anything else you’d like to add about your uforia experience?

It’s beyond awesome! The people rock, the classes rock, the music is fantastic – what’s not to like!