Summer lovin’ had me a blast…

“The Summer looks out from her brazen tower,

Through the flashing bars of August.”

–  Francis Thompson

It’s summer, and it’s warm and sunny outside.  You’re debating whether to work out indoors or to move your fitness routine outdoors.  Here are some thoughts on summer workouts.

My favorite memories of my childhood summers include lots of swimming, cycling and tennis.  I still love to do these sports outdoors in the summer.  However, I find that when I do these sports in addition to my indoor gym workout, it really enhances my fitness level and makes me perform better in my favorite outdoor activities.  By doing a toning and weight class such as uDefine, I can tell my strokes in tennis have gotten stronger and I can apply the core techniques I learned in class.  One avid outdoor cyclist told me that her cycling cadence has improved now that she’s added indoor spinning classes to her weekly routine.  It’s natural to increase physical activity in the summer months, and it’s a great time to jock out.

Of course I have to mention when doing outdoor activities to put sunscreen on 30 min. prior to going out in the sun, and also to re-apply after swimming or sweating.  I put a tube of sunscreen by my door at home, another in the car and yet another portable tube in my gym bag so I don’t forget.  Another trick to avoid the goop altogether is to work out in the in the early morning or early evening in the outdoor shade.  The temperatures are also typically cooler.

However, on those sweltering summer heat wave days, I have two letters: A/C. There’s nothing more soothing than stepping into a nicely cooled studio with the A/C blasting for your workout.  Both of Uforia’s studios are climate controlled. Cycle classes at Uforia have both A/C and fans going and I still work up a sweat.  Uforia also offers all the cold water and towels I need.  Definitely refreshing and the only way to get in a hard workout in the summer heat!  Also, when the heat is unbearable and the sun is penetrating, I find I get a better cardio workout indoors.  Being in the hot sun makes me feel tired easily and I push myself less than when I’m indoors.

Are you the type to choose to workout indoors or do you prefer to move your fitness routine outdoors?  In either case, remember to stay hydrated and to drink more liquids than normal to replenish yourself!

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