Seriously, don’t forget to breathe…

On the 9th Day of #GRITmas, my rockstars gave to me: 

9 tips to Breathe Your Way through a GRIT class! 

  1. Breathe. Seriously, don’t forget to breathe…
  2. … and check in with yourself throughout your workout to make sure you’re still breathing
  3. Inhale on the less challenging part of an exercise
  4. Exhale on the contraction or the part where you’re moving against the force of gravity
  5. Expand your ribcage in all directions as you take in air between sets; this is when your body needs more oxygen to renew energy stores11207301_874304985950353_664250315338365367_n
  6. Inhale for a beat longer than your exhalation during cardio
  7. And seriously, even when a move is challenging, don’t hold your breath!
  8. While stretching, inhale to lengthen and exhale to go a little deeper in the stretch
  9. Honor your breath: bodies need oxygen in order to burn fat as energy!