Seize the Day with J!

We’re excited to welcome Jarreau as a new Revolutions Rockstar! Jarreau started spinning as a component to his inspiring healthy lifestyle and passion for music and performance. Jarreau  works at Stanford empowering students to make healthy lifestyle choices that they will take with them post-college. He also spent his own college years at Stanford channeling his inner Boyz II Men/Beyonce hybrid singing in the Everyday People a cappella group with fellow uforia Rockstars Tessa and Shane. You’ll certainly see Jarreau’s passions shine in class through his amazing music selection and inspiring presence. Join Jarreau at Nob Hill every Sunday am and watch for him on the Palo Alto schedule for some mid-week empowerment and a serious workout.

Read on for more about Jarreau’s music favorites and daily desires for greasy foods.

Favorite PA hot spots?

Let’s face it, when I’m in Downtown PA, I’m likely sitting on my favorite couch in Restoration Hardware, hoping that someone will think I look so great on it that they buy it for me! Otherwise I’m stuffing my face at Oren’s or Thaiphoon.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am a co-active coach working with clients all over the world who are looking to make changes in their lives.  I create and protect the space that empowers you to thrive. It’s a true passion.  I also handle creative direction for a photographer in San Francisco.  It so much fun to think about composition and how you can capture a scene to create a story.

Where do you find your uforia?

I find my uforia on stage.  I am a performer at heart and believe that’s why we have so much fun in class.  We are not just working out, we are performing to show our brains what our bodies are capable of.  I also love getting time to myself to reflect; though nothing beats a one-on-one conversation with others discussing our values and what motivates us to live the best versions of ourselves.  I love helping people figure that out. I help them and they help me connect with our WHY.

What are your favorite pre/post workout snacks?

So I’m a foodie, and I love indulging–even the foods people say you’re not supposed to eat.  If I’m eating before a workout it’s usually an orange and grapes or yogurt (though I’d rather have a hot dog).  Post workout I crave fried food and juice, but usually try to be healthy and eat kale and protein baked with rice and quinoa…so that I have room for dessert!

Favorite songs at the moment?unnamed (12)

I’m pretty much obsessed with anything Jay-Z or Beyonce puts out (especially if it’s Jay-Z AND Beyonce).  And even though I rarely like a Rihanna album the first time I hear it, I will play every single until my entire city is ready to yell at me for listening to it too much.  John Legend is a blessing.  I love old school Stevie Wonder. Mello Amel Larrieux, deep Florence and the Machine, anything by Lauryn Hill and say what you want about his personal life, but Kanye is a genius in the studio. I also rock out from time to time and anything that allows me to belt out a strong solo will definitely make it to my playlist.

Anything else you might want to share with our uforians?

I want you to walk out of uforia saying “I had the #bestsweatofmylife,” whether it’s in my class or any other class.  I am all about taking charge of your live and living the best version of yourself.  Join me and Seize the Day with J!