Saturday Style – Megan

Here at uforia, we spend a lot of time embracing the sweat. However, we don’t think that we need to sacrifice style while we rock a ponytail and tap it back in Revolutions or get down in Hip Hop. We’re big fans of cute workout gear that’s fun and functional, and lets us express our personal style. This week, Megan shares her fitness fashion favorites. Check out her Instagram for lots of fashion inspiration,  for both the studio and the street! Megan_3


Megan_2I’ve always been a fan of staying true to one’s own personal style, and for me that’s stylish fitness-wear whether I’m in the studio taking a class or out going about my day. One of my latest favorite quotes goes “Be faithful to your own taste because nothing you really like is ever out of style.” While a part of me loves sky-high stilettos, a tried and true leather jacket and a solid pair of skinny jeans, my devotion to athletic-wear is kind of obvious in the accumulation of spandex leggings, tanks, and not to mention the massive shoe collection I’ve developed in just a handful of months.

Megan_1It’s sort of perfect that uforia walked into my life (or is it the other way around?) because these days I’m never lacking an opportunity to style an outfit for the gym.

Whether I’m hitting the bike in the Underground, or body rolling in hip hop, I’m always dressed to take on a killer workout without sacrificing any of the style.

Megan_4My favorite outfits usually include a mix and match of tops or bottoms in neutrals with unique details like mesh or cutouts, alongside vibrant pieces in an assortment of patterns and color combinations. With workout wear having such a trending moment in fashion right now, it’s been fun watching existing favorite brands come up with new styles, and also discovering new brands to try. Some of my go-to sites include Nike, Lululemon, and Stylerunner.