Saturday Style – Kate

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Here at uforia, we spend a lot of time embracing the sweat. However, we don’t think that we need to sacrifice style while we rock a ponytail and tap it back in Revolutions or get down in Hip Hop. We’re big fans of cute workout gear that’s fun and functional, and lets us express our personal style. This week, Kate shares her style secrets – including where to find her signature crazy leggings! Check out more of her personal style on her blog, Undeniable Style. Or, find her on Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest as @katefranco!


kate fashion 2My daytime style philosophy is a combination of edgy, boho, and eclectic — and you can definitely see this come through in my workout gear! In the past year I’ve developed quite the penchant for crazy leggings; they make every workout a little bit more fun.

Lately, I’ve been loving the addition of Defy Yoga to the Uforia lineup. I’m a bit of a spirit junkie, but have had a hard time balancing my yoga practice with my spin addiction ever since I got hooked on the underground (big thanks to my Poshmark ladies!) Defy makes it so easy to get my yoga fix in. And, because health and spiritual wellness have become such a BIG part of my life, I don’t feel bad about splurging a little on the stylish things. In fact, I love that there’s a movement in fashion toward activewear right now.


kate fashion 3There are a ton of new indie labels popping up and a lot of what’s out there is multifunctional. You can wear it out and about, not just when you’re hitting the gym.

If you’re looking for stylish workout gear with a boho babe twist, these are some of my favorite brands to shop:

Teeki (get the leggings from this photo, here!)


Spiritual Gangster

La Vie Boheme