Saturday Style – Adiel

Here at uforia, we spend a lot of time embracing the sweat. However, we don’t think that we need to sacrifice style while we rock a ponytail and tap it back in Revolutions or get down in Hip Hop. We’re big fans of cute workout gear that’s fun and functional, and lets us express our personal style. This week, one of our favorite new moms, Adiel, shares her favorite looks for shaking it in dance class or the Underground! Check out more of her personal style on her blog, It’s Because I Think Too Much. Or, find her on TwitterInstagram &Pinterest as @tripylkis!

Adiel fashion 1

I’ve been dancing in one form or another for most of my life, but when I found my life as an adult void of choreography, I felt a little incomplete. That is until I discovered Zumba a few years back. Now it’s become my happy place, my way to ease the stress. I can just take to the floor to shimmy and sweat my cares away.


Adiel fashion 4That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered uforia, it’s Zumba classes, and eventually all the other amazing offerings. Because I workout so much more frequently than I ever did at any other gym, I knew I had to add a little variety to my workout wardrobe. That meant finding fun, stylish, and unique pieces to mix and match.


When I shop for activewear, I tend to avoid basics that everyone else will be wearing such as plain black pants. Instead I opt for pieces with bright colors and/or fun patterns, especially in pants. I also love adding articles with unique cuts such as layered tanks with side cut-outs or fun straps in back. Lastly, I like to play around with color pairings for optimum outfit awesomeness!


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