Runjini Murthy

A few months ago, Runjini, a San Francisco resident returned to the city after being away for almost a decade. She was looking for a high-energy dance class that would challenge her while allowing her to indulge in her love for movement. After conducting an extensive search on Google and Yelp, she came across uforia and decided to give it a try!

Runjini says the studio’s high-intensity progressive choreography classes were exactly what she was looking for, and she couldn’t be happier to have found the studio. Although she loves all the classes, Runjini loves  Jessa, who always checks in on her and exudes such powerful energy, and Laura, who creates incredible choreography that makes her feel like she’s in a music video.

Since becoming a uforia member, Runjini has noticed a significant improvement in her fitness. Her Apple Watch has shown that she’s burning more calories and her body feels stronger. However, the most notable difference she’s observed is feeling much more positive about herself and her body. The supportive and encouraging environment of dancing with a group of people has lifted her spirits and given her confidence and empowerment.

Runjini understands that starting something new can be intimidating, and realistically, it may take a couple of classes to get comfortable with the format and style. However, the community at uforia is welcoming, the Rockstars are friendly, and the studio is a positive place. She would encourage anyone feeling hesitant to give uforia a try. Who knows, they might just discover a new love for movement, too.

We love you Runjini and we love our uforia members and community. You are what make our studio such a happy, fierce, sweaty place! If you’re curious about becoming a member, you can learn more here and all new clients can do our new client membership for only $59.