Rockstars: Newbies Share Their Go-To Motivational Tunes

We all have those days when pressing the snooze button or opting for a night out with friends sounds more enticing than getting in our daily workout.  It’s easy to find reasons to opt out of your sweat-sesh, although we know how great it can make you feel and happy you are that you did it.

How can we help motivate ourselves to get moving? The. Perfect. Playlist. We all have those songs in our back pockets that we go to when we are feeling less than motivated. They are clutch to getting that much-needed workout momentum and there can never be enough of these songs in our Spotify libraries. If you are looking for some new inspo, I got you!

We caught up with our newest Rockstars, Brian (Revolutions), Christine (Grit) and Kimber-Lee (Hip-Hop) and they shared their favorite jams they turn to for that little extra motivation.

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Slight Work – Wale and Big Sean — In high school, I trained to break a world record (I accidentally broke 2 in the process… the main one I was trying for, and then a second one while warming up). I had to be in a really strong, kinda crazy mental space to do this. So Slight Work was my JAM- with the right headphones I could walk into any room and stay perfectly in my zone. This song has a weird level of sentimental feelings for me.
Culo — Lil Jon and Pitbull — Don’t get me wrong: I’m a Floridian and after a lot of thought, I’ve decided that I will join the pro-Pitbull team. But this song is more symbolic: I love reggaeton beats and anything similar. Pitbull, Sean Paul ( his “Want Dem All” was my jam this time last year, or “Ah Leke” if you wanna get both of them on one track!)
Take her Place (feat A R I Z O N A) – Don Diablo and Arizona — One of these is NOT like the others! this song was a weird find but I ended up POWERING through workouts whenever it came on. I have a huge range in my musis taste, so sometimes I even surprise myself with what ends up clicking for me. I try to bring that wide range to every playlist so people can find the new gems that work for them too!


 Beyonce – “Get Me Bodied”— This song puts me in the mood to dance no matter where or when I hear it. It’s been 10 years since this song came out and I’m still not sick of it!  Obviously, Beyonce is a queen, so she also helps get me pumped and find that inner superstar in me.
Kanye West – “Power”–This one makes me go from 0 to 10,000 real quick. This is one of my favorite songs to work out to – it’s got a heavy beat, and really hypes me up. Catch me on a bike in Rev throwing some power choreo to this song.
Lorde – “Green Light”–Lorde is one of the creative geniuses of our time! She’s young, but has talent well beyond her years. This song is an anthem of letting go! When I’m feeling low and need a boost, this song does it for me!.The best thing about music is that it transports you. This song does that.


Lana Del Rey- “National Anthem”–This is one of my go-to “feel better about myself and embrace my femininity” tracks. This song is killer, and I recommend you watch the music video. It’s magical.
Fannypack- “Keep It Up”– Whenever I hear this song, it makes me want to dance in a moodily-lit club dressed in a cool, black slinky outfit.
Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna- “We Found Love”, Young Thug- “Wyclef Jean” and Ariana Grande “Side to Side (Slushii Remix)”— These last 3 songs are rhythmic and fun, and make me think of jumping up and down at a cool outdoor concert. When I’m feeling tired and unmotivated, these songs have good vibes and can get me moving in an instant.