Revolutions Lifestyle Challenge – All About Shane

We are very excited to announce for the first time ever, uforia will host a fitness challenge involving both classes and fitness seminars taught by our very own Shane Combest!

You may have taken a Revolutions class with Shane or met him in passing at the studio, but I bet you didn’t know that Shane has had a life long struggle with weight and fitness.  After graduation from college his doctor described him as obese weighing 100 pounds more than his current weight. This was a clear wake-up call for Shane.

It wasn’t until Shane discovered Revolutions that working out became fun! “Seriously. Before Revolutions, exercise was always a means to an aforementioned end. Now it is something I actively look forward to”.

Shane may have started out as a dedicated student, but he has now turned his passion for amazing music and having fun on the bike into a new career as a Revolutions teacher! “The uforia community has become an important part of my motivation to stay healthy”.

You don’t need to lose weight to join in this challenge. Maybe you’re looking to shake up your regular routine, learn a little something about weight loss, healthy eating, motivation and goal setting and possibly win $150 studio credit. Join Shane and take the Revolutions Lifestyle Challenge!

The Challenge:

  • Sign up by writing “I can’t wait to start the Revolutions Lifestyle Challenge” on facebook anytime after Monday April 8th
  • Take a minimum of 3 Revolutions and 1 GRIT classes per week for 4 weeks from April 8th – May 5th
  • Attend weekly, casual nutritional seminars with Shane Wednesday 7:15 pm, following his class. If you miss a seminar they will be available on facebook the follow day
  • Topics:
    • April 10th – Mathematics of weight loss “setting realistic goals”
    • April 17th – Injury prevention
    • April 24th – Motivation
    • May 1st – Keeping food cravings in check, this is a lifestyle change, not a diet
    • The winner will be announced on Monday May 6th!

What are you waiting for, join the challenge, have fun, learn something new and kick off your summer!