One Easy Way To Stay Sane, Healthy, and Fit During the Holiday Season (Guest Post)

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Suzanne Mansell has 10 years of coaching experience in helping others affect positive change in their lives. Her mission is to help women live happier, healthier, and more blissfully. 




I specialize in working with Women Who Do Too Much.


You know who you are.


Whether you’re running your own business, raising kids (or pets or significant others), studying for exams, or all of the above, time probably seems to escape you on a daily basis. And—as the holiday season hits—things only get hairier.
So I’d like to share with you one of my key tips for staying sane, healthy, fit (and hopefully fabulous!) during this whirlwind season.


Make an appointment with yourself each day.


I mean this for real. Put “Me Time” in your Outlook or Google calendar right now. Often my executive clients look at me like I’m crazy after making this suggestion. “What if my assistant (or my boss) sees this in my calendar?!” Well, call it something else if you feel it sounds silly! It’s the concept that’s important. This block of time is for you to consistently re-establish your commitment to your own self-care.


Don’t have a consistent exercise routine? Then perhaps your Me Time consists of a Rev, Defy Yoga, or Hip Hop class. Schedule your classes online at least 1 week ahead of time—it will help you keep this commitment while planning out the rest of your week.


Can’t sleep? Then utilize this time to decompress before bedtime. Do a tech detox (no emails or Facebooking at least 1 hour before bed) and try a calming activity like reading a book or journaling to get your thoughts on paper and out of your head before you hit the hay.


Not sure how to utilize this block of time? Do a simple check-in with yourself: “Am I taking care of myself today? What can I do to support my health today?” Just being aware—and not zipping through your day like a robot—can be extremely effective in keeping you focused on your priorities.


But here’s the kicker: your Me Time appointment becomes more important the busier you get. The reality is that you’ll be tempted to cancel this appointment to do other things that may appear more important in the moment. But I promise you, if you keep this appointment, you will feel less like a victim to all of the “shoulds” that creep into your life around this time of year.


One other suggestion: don’t let FOMO get the best of you! Although holiday events are fun, they can also be depleting, often paving the way for an immune system breakdown.


So– while you’re taking part in the merriment this holiday season, also keep the focus on YOU. Come January, while everyone else is focused on New Years resolutions, you’ll be one step ahead ☺


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