New to uforia? Here’s what you should know!

New to uforia? Here’s what you should know!

Time is truly flying and we can’t believe that our amazing new Nob Hill location has already been open for almost two months. We’ve had the best time getting to know our neighbors and embracing the sweat with our new San Francisco uforia family. We’re lucky to have plenty of visits from our loyal Palo Alto crew, but opening a new location has meant lots of smiling new faces. We know that those GRIT boxes, all the booty shaking in Hip Hop Club, and that whole “dance-party-on-a-bike” thing can seem intimidating at first, so we’ve rounded up some great insider tips from a few of our fabulous new Nob Hill uforians. Check out their advice, then come visit us for your first class, or take the plunge and try a new class that you’ve been nervous to try – we promise you’ll have fun!

What I love about coming to Uforia is that it’s such a happy place. Everyone, from the concierge to instructors, are pumped up and ready to get the party started. So, my number one tip is to HAVE FUN. Don’t take things too seriously, and be sure to smile. Exercise isn’t punishment if you don’t make it punishment! Enjoy!

~ Joyce M.

Don’t be afraid to check out Hip Hop or Fuego even if you’ve never danced or feel like you’re not a good dancer. You’ll be sure to loosen up, learn some moves, and get the best sweat of your life!

-Christina B

The first time I went to Revolutions at uforia, I left feeling a little defeated. I didn’t feel like I had been able to keep up and follow all of the choreography.  But, I felt so motivated and determined to get to a place where I could make it through the class. Don’t be discouraged if you feel this way after your first Revolutions class – just keep at it! It took me two or three classes before I felt super comfortable on the bike and got through it all.

I also love Lee’s GRIT class. It’s hard and Lee makes sure that it’s go-time the entire class so you leave feeling like you got a kick-butt workout –  but if you need water or a towel break, you do you!

Be sure to arrive 7-10 minutes early so you can get checked-in and set up for class. I sometimes push it because I live right across the street, but then I always end up flustered with getting checked in and getting my spin shoes on! So, do as I say, not as I do 🙂

~ Amanda M.


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