Music Mondays – Shane

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!
Shane CroppedThis week, Master Teacher Shane shares some of his latest favorites. If you’ve ever taken Shane’s class, you know how much he cares about good music. We know there are lots of requests for his playlists, so here is a little taste of his musical stylings. Don’t be surprised if you catch him singing along! He’s also always happy to share, so don’t be shy – ask him after class and he’ll gladly share his awesome Revolutions playlists with you.

“Music isn’t just the soundtrack for Revolutions, it is the soundtrack for my life!!! Like any good Revolutions class I always strive to pick the perfect song for any moment. What follows is my soundtrack for the perfect night:”

This is the perfect getting-ready-for-a-hot-date song. If you take longer than 3:42 to get ready you can’t go wrong with the rest of his album either.
Chocolate – The 1975
This is the perfect chill driving, bike commuting, or walking song. This also functions well as the soundtrack to my life outside of the studio. I love me some dark chocolate.
Calling All Hearts – DJ Cassidy, Robin Thicke, Jessie J
This song reminds me of everything I love and miss about old school R&B crossed with disco. So far it is this year’s Get Lucky (at least for me). The guitar riff makes me wish I had Travolta’s white suit and dance moves.
The Illest– Far East Movement
This song is an awesome mix of dance, hip hop, and electronica. It isn’t the cleanest song (just tune out the lyrics like you do in the club) but it transports me into the body of a much more badass dancer (in my mind).
I Want It All– Karmin
Ever feel like dancing around the house with a super expressive face when you get home?! This is the jam for you. It has a nice quiet part for chill dancing, and then it builds allowing you to jump around all crazy long enough to get winded, and flows back to the chill verse to recover. Bonus points for singing along to an imaginary crowd.
Charlie, Last Name Wilson – Charlie Wilson (duh)
Got to round out the night with some smooth (read: sexy) R&B. R&B generally is the cooldown of my life. Also a great way to transition the mood from silly dancing to slow dancing….you know, should that ever be needed.