Music Mondays – Defy Yoga

We are thrilled to introduce the newest class on the uforia schedule, Defy Yoga. We’re just as excited to welcome our three Defy Yoga Rockstars to the team. Arielle, Amy, and Katie bring spunk, sass, and a serious amount of yoga talent.

defy group poseIf you were able to attend our launch party this past weekend, you know just how awesome they and their class are. But if you missed it, fret not! We’re serving up three Defy Yoga classes a week, at 5:30pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Come join us for strong, sweaty yoga with a seriously amazing soundtrack.

Here’s what the beautiful Defy Yoga ladies are flowing to these days.


uforia - AmyAmy

New Navy – Zimbabwe – Flume Remix : Love the creative beats in this song….it’s mostly instrumental so it’s easy to teach yoga to. The song is smooth enough for flowy sequences, but also upbeat enough to get people inspired to move and jam!

Bassnectar – Butterfly : This song has a chill beat, but strong and dubby at the same time. the melody is tough and motivating. it’s an excellent song to focus with, especially when moving into challenging yoga poses!

uforia - Katie



Adele – Hometown Glory [High Contrast Remix] : Who doesn’t love Adele? There’s so much emotion in this song and this remix nails it!

Rudimental – Feel The Love – feat. John Newman : This song is very high energy and upbeat. That pounding bass just makes you feel good!


uforia - ArielleArielle

The xx – Intro : All instrumental that starts with a mellow beat then drops the bass with a heart-beat tempo, connecting me to body, mind & breath (prana/life force). The song continues to build and drop back, like it’s telling a story of struggle and triumph with time to adjust and grow before each next peak. The beat builds an automatic head nod, telling myself it’s all going to be okay, with a harmony that’s chill so as not to take anything too seriously.

Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize : Dubstep + Violin is so elegant and mesmerizing, I totally get lost in this song and dance in my head. Induces more of a sultry undulating body-roll groove and there’s something to be said about a song that makes you feel sexy and mysterious all in one.