Music Mondays – Concierge Team

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out!

You see their smiling faces in the studio every day, but did you know that the lovely ladies of our concierge team also have killer taste in music? Check out their recommendations for tunes that make them want to sing along, sweat it out, and, apparently, hug people.




Alice: Sam Sparro – Black & Gold : When this song comes up on my playlist, it instantly makes me want to start grooving- I love the synth beat driving it and the mix of electro sounds.




Lindsay: Iggy Azalea – Fancy : I’ve been listening to this song on repeat since it came out and am still not sick of it. It’s super catchy, upbeat, and great for workout playlists!


Raina cropped


Raina: Lady Gaga – Gypsy : It’s so catchy and has a great beat! It’s a great song to work out to as well; it always gets me in the mood to sweat.


sabine cropped


Sabine:  The Osmonds – One Bad Apple : It’s totally random but I woke up with this song stuck in my head a few weeks ago and it’s still there! It’s so upbeat and fun.  It cheers me up whenever stress gets me down.


Grace cropped

Grace: Sam Smith – Lay Me Down – Acoustic Version : This acoustic cover has had me swooning the past few weeks. Sam Smith is soo soulful, and the lyrics are so earnest and sad–I just wanna give him a hug! Actually, it makes me want to hug everyone!


Anna cropped


Anna:  MKTO – Classic : I first heard this song at uforia and haven’t been able to get enough of it ever since. I can’t help but sing along!