Music Mondays – 20/20 Experience

On Mondays, we’ll bring you great tunes from the uforia family. The songs are linked to Spotify, so just click and rock out! This week, we have some videos as well. Double the fun!

This Thursday, Chrissy and Shane are bringin’ sexy back when they team up for back-to-back Justin Timberlake GRIT and Revolutions classes. JT’s 20/20 Experience albums (he’s so awesome that he released two albums in 6 months!) were launched last year, and they are fan favorites with the uforia crew. What could be better than 2 full classes of JT’s sweet tunes? Look forward to everything from the earliest ‘N Sync  jams to Justin’s latest solo hits. The fun starts at 5:30 this Thursday, May 15th! Be there!

Chrissy’s Picks:

Chrissy3Justin Timberlake – SexyBack: There is nothing like this bass-pounding beat with sexy lyrics! This track won BEST Dance recording at the 2007 Grammy Awards…and for good reason!

Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body: This song took JT’s career to a new level. Who can forget this infamous Superbowl performance with Janet Jackson?

Justin Timberlake – Not a Bad Thing: This is my new favorite song! So sweet.


Shane’s Picks:

Shane Cropped‘N Sync – Bye Bye Bye: This video is pure turn-of-the-century awesome. Nothing is more high school than a boy band in a video as puppets and a James Bond style car chase scene involving a Dodge Viper. Kind of makes me miss High School.

Justin Timberlake Feat TI and Timbaland – Let Me Talk to You/My Love: Easily my favorite video from college. The dancing, lighting, and track are just dripping with swag. Please practice at home as we will be doing all of the choreo from the video in class on the bike Thursday night!


Justin Timberlake feat Jay Z – Suit & Tie: Everything old is new again. JT brings back the big band horns and classic style for a modern black and white video that just makes you want to dress to the nines and dance more smoothly than ever. Hold out for the “Singing in the Rain” moves at the end.