Meet you at the Bar!

My last few class blogs were about new classes I never tried.  BarBlend however, I can talk about with more experience and perspective.

There are many varieties of bar/barre workouts, which combine elements of ballet, yoga and pilates.  I’ve pretty much tried them all, at various studios in NYC, SF, LA and within Palo Alto.  I also have a plethora of videos, it’s been my regular workout for the last 4 years.  Some put the ankle on the barre, some put the arch against the barre.  Some do plank at the beginning of the workout, others do it closer to the end.  Differences aside, I like these core strengthening workouts since I find it’s an efficient workout with quick and effective results.  My entire body gets toned and I develop lean muscles quickly when I combine the workout with healthy eating.

In my experience, some of the bar/barre exercise classes out there can lead to injury.  When you’re in a class of 25 or 35, it’s difficult for the instructor to correct everyone.  When you’re doing the same exercises repetitively with little variety from class to class, it can lead to overuse.  According to my physical therapist, shoulder and knee injuries are common from these classes, I’ve experienced both.

What I like about BarBlend is:

-small classes (max. 18 in the studio)

-lots of variety (exercises work both small and large muscle groups, no class is the same!)

-experienced, certified fitness instructors, PT-approved exercises (Jordana learned a lot of the exercises from her physical therapist)

As a client, I like Uforia’s variety of classes, it keeps my muscles from getting used to any one exercise.  It’s good to have a core strengthening/toning class in the mix.