Born and Raised in Palo Alto – Meet Our Zumba Rockstars

You know them as the energetic people who make every uforia workout amazing, but there is a lot that you may not know about your favorite instructors. This holiday season, we’re getting to know all of our Rockstars – from their favorite treats to their family lives. Each week, we’ll profile the incredible team of instructors from one of uforia’s signature classes.

This week, let’s get to know our Zumba Rockstars. This all-star crew really knows how to shake it! Each of their classes is one big dance party, so your sweat-sesh just feels like a fun night on the dance floor. You’ve envied their hip rolling skills, marveled at Asya’s tumbling, and laughed at Matt’s crazy antics, but there’s a lot more to learn about this talented bunch.

Carmen Bio 2Carmen: This spicy Samba dancer loves to laugh. She is passionate about teaching Zumba because it’s such a fun way to stay healthy, and she loves the energy that she gets from everyone who dances with her in her classes. When Carmen isn’t dancing at uforia, well, she’s probably dancing somewhere else! This busy mother is also a student at Cal State East Bay. After her awesome Monday evening classes, she likes to eat dinner with her cousin, who lives right in uforia’s neighborhood. Talk about convenient!



Asya: Anyone who has ever seen Asya in action knows that she’s just a ball of energy! She loves teaching Zumba because it’s a big party and she loves seeing everyone happy in her class. A former gymnast, Asya is prone to doing flips and other acrobatics in her classes. After class, she likes to treat herself to frozen yogurt or a chai latte…she’s also a major chocoholic! She lives in the area with her husband and her adorable baby son.



Matt: Born and raised in the Bay Area, Matt is thrilled to be back home after dancing professionally in New York City. As a Master Teacher and Creative Director, Matt stays busy recruiting new Zumba teachers and designing fabulous new uforia classes, like bliss. When he isn’t dancing and goofing off in Zumba class, he’s probably rocking out in Revolutions or helping uforians relax in bliss. Outside of uforia, Matt loves to spend time at home with his husband, cooking delicious food and enjoying good wine. He used to work at a local bakery, and is a true cookie monster. He claims that he could eat cookies all day long!


Katie: A Bay Area native and the newest member of the uforia Zumba family, Katie keeps her classes fun and interesting with a blend of awesome world music and top 40 hits. She loves that Zumba allows her to connect with people and share her passions for music and dance. When she isn’t dancing, Katie stays busy running after her 20-month old daughter, Sophia. They are both big Disneyland fans so they’ve been spending a lot of time there recently! Katie loves treating herself to ice cream, and confesses to having an obsession with hooded sweatshirts…half of her closet is full of them!


Jazon-798x1000Jazon: Originally a track star in high school, Jazon found his true calling in college at San Jose State and majored in Dance. He loves that Zumba fuses his passion for dance with his need for a great cardio workout. Plus, dancing with a room full of uforians provides a major energy boost! When he isn’t teaching, Jazon spends his time taking dance classes and dropping awesome beats as a local DJ. He’s also a GRIT teacher, so be sure to check out his dance-influenced GRIT class.