Born and Raised in Palo Alto – Meet Our Revolutions Rockstars

You know them as the energetic people who make every uforia class amazing, but there is a lot that you may not know about your favorite Rockstars. Since all things uforia have been born and raised in Palo Alto, we decided to spend the holiday season getting to know all of our Rockstars – from their favorite treats to their family lives. Each week, we’ll profile the incredible team from one of uforia’s signature classes.

This week, meet our Revolutions Rockstars! This crazy bunch knows how to party, as you already know if you’ve ever been in one of David’s “woo”-filled sweat-fests or seen Jess’s ponytail bouncing as she rocks out in one of her Saturday morning sessions. You know they have awesome musical taste and sweet bike-dancing moves, but what don’t you know about your favorite Revolutions teacher?


JessJess: A former figure skater, and basically a Bay Area native, Jess first tried Revolutions when her usual elliptical workouts were boring her to tears. She was hooked from her first class and now loves riding on the instructor’s bike, where she loves seeing 20 people working hard together. Jess has become an integral part of uforia and when she’s not teaching she’s recruiting and training new rockstars as a Master Teacher and she keeps the new music flowing at uforia with her amazing shared playlists.  When she’s not at uforia, you can find Jess in her office in San Francisco crunching numbers by day as a financial controller, eating Southwestern salads at Sprout Café on University Ave, snuggling with her dog Posey, and cheering on the SF Giants. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and Posey, but we’re lucky to have her in Palo Alto on the weekends!


AlissiaAlissia: Anyone who has ever taken class with Alissia knows how inspirational and motivating she is, but you may not know that she draws great inspiration from seeing everyone swaying to the beat together as they ride together in harmony. Alissia provides a very important focus when it comes to uforia, as Creative Director she is responsible for making sure the culture of the classes and rockstars are being recognized, she is also actively involved in developing new classes! A native New Yorker, Alissia has also lived and worked in London and LA before making her home in the Bay Area. In every class, Alissia aims to help people open their hearts and minds through sweat, movement, and music. When she isn’t at uforia, you can find Alissia running around the community with her three beautiful children.


ShaneShane: Though you would never guess it when you see him sprinting on his bike in class, Shane was 100 pounds overweight just 6 years ago while a student at Stanford. He changed his life through fitness and healthy eating, and now hopes to serve as an inspiration to anyone trying to meet their own health and fitness goals. Speaking of fitness goals, Shane recently ran his first marathon! When he isn’t at uforia, you can probably find him nearby! Shane works and lives in Palo Alto with his wife, Jen, and you can often find them after class at local restaurants like LYFE, Sprout, and Tacolicious. Shane is also a big chocolate fan and loves the Chocolate Garage and Monique’s Chocolates.


DavidDavid: Another Bay Area native, we were lucky to have David join the uforia family after an ankle injury this past spring forced him to mix up his usual workout routine and led him to Revolutions.  As you know if you’ve ever been in his class, David is a total goof-ball who loves to joke around and is always in favor of more woo-ing and shouting in class. As our Social Director, David enjoys bringing the uforia team together for special events. We’re really looking forward to our holiday party next month! He was a member of a barbershop group in college, so you’ll often catch him singing along in class, especially to Glee tunes! When he’s not at uforia, we hear that he has this little side-gig as a software engineer at Survey Monkey. In case you feel like stalking him, he tells us that you can usually find him at the Philz on Forest between 1 and ­3pm daily, getting salads to­-go at Sprout on Tuesdays, or enjoying a glass of wine at Gravity’s happy hour on Wednesdays… seriously.


LissyLissy: After growing up in Alaska and going to college in Hawaii, Lissy has finally decided to spend some time in the Continental US. A full-time personal trainer and fitness instructor, Lissy loves the emotions that the music and movements of revolutions bring out in her and everyone in her classes. No matter what mood she is in when she starts a class, she can let everything out on the bike and leave with her spirits lifted. When she is not at uforia, you can probably find Lissy doing her own workouts or eating sunny rolls and salmon sashimi at Sura Sushi in Mountain View. Learn more about Lissy in our GRIT profile next month!


Matt torsoMatt: Happy to be back in the Bay Area, where he grew up, Matt channels his background as a college cheerleader and a professional dancer to bring his own dance-y twist to his Revolutions classes. When Matt isn’t teaching he’s working as our Artistic Director to recruit and train new rockstars and he has already developed 2 classes at uforia, fever and bliss! Though it seems impossible to imagine a time when uforia existed without Matt, he joined us after Sarah saw a video of him dancing around while working as a bartender. Matt still puts his bartending skills to good use by mixing up delicious cocktails for his amazing Happy Hour Revolutions classes. These special Friday evening classes are the best way to kick off your weekend! Matt is a self-proclaimed “open book,” but stay tuned to learn more about him when we feature our Zumba and bliss Rockstars in the next few weeks.


Erin: Is the newest Revolutions Rockstar! After a very successful volleyball career at Stanford, Erin decided to stay in the bay area and is doing research in the oncology department at Stanford while preparing for medical school. Erin’s classes are always high energy and fun! You will hear tunes you didn’t expect and work harder than you thought you could. When not at uforia, you can find Erin in San Francisco with friends, hanging out with her puppy or playing beach volleyball with anyone courageous enough to play with her.