Born and Raised in Palo Alto – Meet Our bliss Rockstars

You know them as the energetic people who make every uforia workout amazing, but there is a lot that you may not know about your favorite instructors. This holiday season, we’re getting to know all of our Rockstars – from their favorite treats to their family lives. Each week, we’ll profile the incredible team of instructors from one of uforia’s signature classes.

This week, meet our wonderful bliss Rockstars. This trio knows how to relax in style! If you haven’t tried bliss yet, you’re missing out. Come hang out with Matt, Alissia, and Lauren to escape the hubbub of your daily routine and get seriously blissed out! They’ll help you stretch, relax, and center yourself. So treat yourself to some you-time….go on, you deserve it!


MattMatt: Catch this triple-threat in an amazing three-peat workout on Wednesday evenings, when he teaches Revolutions, Zumba, and bliss back-to-back-to-back. As uforia’s Artistic Director, Matt played a key role in developing the new bliss program. In the rare moments when Matt isn’t at uforia, he finds his bliss spending time with his husband, Justin. A Bay Area native, Matt loves to enjoy all of the amazing things that Northern California has to offer. You can find him hiking the beautiful California trails and soaking up the sun in Lake Tahoe as often as possible. He also finds bliss in teaching because he loves the energy that clients bring to each and every class at uforia!


Alissia bioAlissia: She may be a firecracker in the Revolutions studio and during her GRIT classes, but Alissia also loves to take it down a notch to chill out in bliss. As uforia’s Creative Director, Alissia was instrumental in developing the bliss program. She finds her personal bliss in spending time with her family and friends, and connecting with people who take her classes. She loves to see people leaving her class with a sense of accomplishment, and she aims to open people’s hearts and minds through fitness. To Alissia, seeing a room full of bodies moving together to the beat of the music is true harmony.


IMG_1740Lauren: While this California girl loves to dance to “Call Me Maybe” in her GRIT classes, she’s a firm believer in balance so she loves to end her busy days with some serious relaxation in bliss. When she isn’t teaching at uforia, Lauren works as a Product Manager at a local software startup. She is passionate about helping people be their best selves, in fitness and any other aspect of their lives. Lauren loves teaching at uforia because it’s far more than a fitness studio, it’s an amazing community and family. In her free time, Lauren finds her bliss by taking yoga classes and spending time hiking around the Bay Area with her dog, Slater.