Marisa finds her uforia

You know the feeling-
everything feels just right and you’re riding an endorphin high.

That’s what we call uforia. Now, we’re all here because we’re addicted to the joy+sweat feeling we get at uforia but we also chase that high outside the studio (hello, we’re not open 24/7). However you find it–your happiest, most beautiful, badass, tough as sh*t, in tune with the word self–we want to celebrate it.

fullsizerender-6 HOW DO YOU #FINDYOURUFORIA?

Dancing and dancing, quiet moments at dawn and dusk, travel, hanging with my dancing crew before and after dance!

An excellent glass of wine. Nature. A good film.

I teach literature, so I love helping people think imaginatively and creatively about the world and what is possible.

I’m inspired by people who take risks and think BIG. People who believe, commit, and follow through on something that really matters to them. People who listen well.


That moment during class when everything just clicks. Energy, movement and music seem to flow together and you are doing this with other people. It feels amazing and inspiring to share it with them.


I love the way dancing makes me feel in the moment, and completely in my body —I’m usually overthinking and planning all the time so this is my way to release! I come back to some essential vital part of myself and get to be with other people at the same time, dancing to great music. In short I always feel energized and alive after I walk out of uforia.


img_3802WHY UFORIA?

I wanted to try out regular dance classes that would fit my schedule and commute (I work in Palo Alto and San Francisco) so uforia was a natural one to try. I love the Hip Hop Club classes because they are high energy, fun, and I love the different instructors who all have their own style and choreography.  uforia brings together people as a community through its culture of media, events, challenges, swag, theme nights….all these elements just work perfectly for me and keep me coming back to dance and interact with uforia friends.