Lissy’s Fitness Journey: Softball Athlete Turned Master Teacher

If you’ve ever joined her in GRIT or Revolutions, you know that Master Teacher Lissy takes the business of fitness very seriously. Today, she shares her fitness journey with us and offers her words of inspiration and advice.                                                                                                                           

Lissy10 years ago, I hired my first personal trainer in Fairbanks, Alaska with the money I was earning from my summer job. It was my senior year of high school softball – before strength and conditioning routines for high school sports had made it up North – and I wanted to gain a competitive edge by getting stronger on and off the field.

That day, 10 years ago, I started my fitness journey. Since then, I have worked through a variety of “fitness modes.” Agility and strength for collegiate softball, bodybuilding for figure competitions, my own on-again-off-again routines in between , and now teaching and taking fitness classes 5-6 days a week. It has taken 10 years for me to really find my strength and really feel like I’m owning it.

I certainly never imagined at 17 years old that 10 years later, I would be thanking myself for the decision I made that summer!

Health and fitness is a journey. It is not a sprint, and it’s certainly not a race. Some years I was more dedicated than others, but I stayed consistent and I always went back. Will it take you 10 years? Maybe yes, maybe no. Stay strong and keep up your hard work. If you haven’t started yet, start today! Time flies by, and before you know it, you’ll have a story of your own to tell.