Laura Schuler

This week we are hearing from another All Access member (unlimited classes) who has taken over 115 classes at uforia! She is hiking in Death Valley here. Below is a little Q&A with Laura.

How did you discover uforia?

uforia is a neighborhood gem–I was so happy when you reopened after lockdown.

What are your favorite classes and why?

I love Revolutions—great instructors and playlists. And an efficient way to get really sweaty!

What is one thing you’ve noticed about yourself since being a uforia member?

uforia makes it easy to be consistent with your workout routine. The schedule, packages, and staff help me stick with it.

What would you say to the client who is intimidated to start at uforia?

It’s such a supportive environment—truly a “no attitude”, fun studio. It’s a welcoming place, no matter where you are in your fitness journey.

We love you Laura and we love our uforia members and community. You are what make our studio such a happy, fierce, sweaty place! If you’re curious about becoming a member, you can learn more here and all new clients can do our new client membership for only $59.