Laura McDonald

When Laura moved to the US from London in July 2022, finding a dance studio near her new home was a top priority. That’s when uforia caught her attention. The vibrant atmosphere, diverse class offerings, and its convenient location made it an easy decision for Laura. Little did she know that uforia would become much more than just a dance studio—it would become her sanctuary.

Laura quickly found her rhythm at uforia, falling in love with the variety of classes offered. While she enjoyed them all, Joseph’s and Jessa’s classes stood out as her absolute favorites. These instructors not only brought their infectious energy and passion for dance but also challenged Laura with intricate choreography and fast-paced movements. The combination of sexy moves and R&B music resonated deeply with Laura’s dance background and personal taste.

For Laura, being a member of uforia meant finding her home once more. Dance has always been an integral part of her life, and it was essential for her to belong to a dance community that understood her passion and allowed her to express herself freely. uforia provided just that—a space where she could immerse herself in her love for dance and feel completely at home.

When asked what she would say to someone who feels intimidated about starting their journey at Uforia, Laura’s response was heartfelt. She emphasized that there is no need for words; actions speak louder. Laura would extend her hand, lead them into the class, and assure them that everyone, at some point, attended their very first class. The uforia community is a supportive and welcoming one, where individuals can grow at their own pace, free from judgment.

We love you Laura and we love our uforia members and community. You are what make our studio such a happy, fierce, sweaty place! If you’re curious about becoming a member, you can learn more here and all new clients can do our new client membership for only $39!