Jumping Off and On the Bandwagon

I didn’t work out last week. Nada/zip/zilch/zero.  And by last week, I don’t just mean the last 5 days, but the last 7 days.  I had some perfectly legitimate reasons.  I had a sick child at home one morning.  I had a work deadline.  I had a dear friend visiting from out of town.  I even had an unexpected trip to the ER for my husband (he is fine now).  I also admit I had some weaker reasons.  I had a hair appointment.  I was feeling like I might have a cold coming on and felt I should rest.  By day 7, my reason was I just didn’t feel like going.

Of course I feel the difference.  I’m sluggish in the mornings getting up.  My energy level, especially around 3pm is lower.  My appetite increases and I start to crave and eat more unhealthy (ok, let’s just call it junk) food.  We all know that regular aerobic exercise just 20 min. each day decreases illness and depression but once you get into a pattern, sometimes it’s just that much harder to break.  Especially when you know the workout is challenging and you’re no longer at the top of your fitness.  Somehow other important activities fill up your typical workout time and it’s no longer a priority anymore.  And since Uforia doesn’t charge membership costs, heck, you’re not even losing money because of it.

But the next time you’re in this place of inertia (and let’s admit it, we all get into the funk and the complicated conversations in our head), just say “ I will just do what you can, it’s better than nothing”.

Maybe it’s just a 20 min. walk in the neighborhood.  Or just take a class and do what you can.  So what if you won’t be using 8 lb weights like last time, so what if you don’t even last the entire class.  In any case, you’ll be moving again, and that’s how it all starts.  Just get yourself back up the steps of 819 Ramona.  No one will give you dirty looks or scold you for being absent.  In fact, you will probably be greeted by a cheery “hi” or “hey, great to see you!” You’ll already start to wonder why you didn’t come back earlier.     By the end of the workout, you won’t regret coming and you’ll want more!


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