uforia Inspo: How uforia helped Joanna lose 20 lbs.

Nob Hill client, Joanna Salem, made a significant lifestyle adjustment in order to lose weight and feel her best after struggling with depression in 2017. “A healthier me was the first step toward regaining my happiness, self-confidence, and reinvigorate my passion for life.” Joanna found the courage and self-motivation to start an at-home exercise program, but was looking for something a little more after she started to see some of the results that she was looking for. “I tried to exercise at home to save money, but I was constantly distracted and unmotivated.” Joanna took matters into her own hands, and that’s where she found uforia. We got a chance to ask her a few questions about her fitness journey, how group fitness has helped her crush her goals, and how she lost weight, and ultimately found the confidence she was looking for.

“A healthier me was the first step toward regaining my happiness, self-confidence, and reinvigorate my passion for life.”

How did you find uforia?


 I researched all the fitness studios and gyms in walking distance. I always passed uforia on my walk to the grocery store, and one day I figured that I should pop in and asked about the classes available.

 How has uforia changed your life?

Group fitness and classes at uforia have taught me to have fun with exercise. Growing up, I always treated exercise as a chore to lose weight or to pass P.E. class; it was never something I fully enjoyed. Taking my first Grit class with Dynasti made me realize that a challenging workout could also be fun!

We are so inspired by your journey! How has uforia helped with your transformation?

 Before I started taking classes with uforia, I made a goal to lose 35 lbs. I would run a mile every morning and do a 15-min dumbell workout 5 days a week. After working out for a month with no results, I changed up my fitness routine. In addition to joining uforia, I started flexible dieting, got a gym membership to weight train 3 times a week, and strived for 10,000 steps a day. I’ve lost 23 lbs. so far! Classes at uforia helped keep me on track. Now, I not only exercise to lose weight but I exercise to become stronger, increase my endurance, and refresh my mind. I don’t think I would be as dedicated to my fitness if I didn’t take fun classes to motivate me!

You’re a big advocate of mental transformation and changing your mindset, can you tell us a little about that?

Regular exercise has helped relieve a lot of stress! I also find that I don’t get as anxious before a work deadline, because I know I’ll be able to treat myself with a workout class. Yes, I said treat, because now exercise and a fun class is rewarding! My favorite day to take a class is Dynasti’s Grit on Friday mornings. It relieves stress at the end of a hectic workweek, and reinvigorates me for an action packed weekend of exploring the city.

What was your absolute favorite class you have ever taken at uforia? What made it so special?

My first time in Friday 7AM Grit with Dynasti Hunt. Not only does Dynasti have the BEST playlists, but she incorporates mindful motivation with each workout. She reminds us how it’s important to listen to our bodies, but at the same time trying to push ourselves a little harder each time. It’s a great foundation to build the strength we are looking for! Often, we think we can’t do something, but our bodies are more powerful than we give it credit. She is fantastic at giving every single person the attention they need, and always encourages us to make mindful adjustments to our form and posture. It’s helped with my weight training immensely!

If you could give any advice to new clients, what would it be?

 For new clients interested in membership, take advantage of the New Client Intro special when it’s offered! It’s a steal. The classes become addicting! Small studios offer more individualized attention than classes taught at chain gyms.
For new clients taking their first class, remember to listen first. Sometimes when we watch an instructor explain an exercise, we go into mimicry mode. Remember to check yourself in the mirror and really listen to what the instructor is saying. It’s really easy to misalign your form because your looking at the instructor. If all else, bend your knees.

What do you think makes uforia different than other studios?

 I love the female-friendly workouts geared toward strength. I need to take classes that help build muscle, since that is the most effective and long-lasting way to lose weight and sustain strength!
You can follow Joanna’s fitness journey on her website and follow her on Instagram. 

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