Michaela Fendley

Michaela has been migrating west for over a decade. Born and raised in Alabama, she moved to Dallas, TX immediately after graduating from Auburn University where she lived for 7 years. Growing up as a dancer, Michaela has always had a passion for the combination of music and movement, and discovering spin allowed her to combine this passion with her love for empowering others. She became an instructor at a studio in Dallas in 2018, and 5 years (and 2000+ playlists) later, leading spin classes and being part of a studio community became one of her very favorite parts of her life. When she moved to San Francisco in April, she knew that finding this same kind of community was vital. After taking her first class at uforia, she was confident that this was the perfect fit.

Musical style?

Beyonce, ODESZA, and a sprinkle of classic throwbacks

Fun facts:

  • My younger sister and I somehow look nothing alike while looking exactly alike – we can unlock each other’s phones with FaceID!
  • I accidentally opened a Kay Jewelers credit card when I was 11 (my mom was not happy).Favorite food?: PASTA (believe it or not, I am italian)

5 favorite things:

Good Coffee, Beach Reads, Traveling with family, Being near the water, Genuine connections

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Michaela’s Revolutions Schedule

Saturday 9:15 am