JJ Ghera

J Ghera (they/them) is a professional dancer, choreographer, dance educator, podcast host, and drag queen from the Bay Area, CA.  Their professional dance career has expanded over the last 15+ years having worked and lived in LA, NYC and London working on television (Mobbed, Britain’s Got Talent) , Live Stages (Little Mix, Salt n’ Peppa, Aaron Carter), Music Videos (Xavior Tosacano), Commercials (Adobe) and teaching Masterclasses.  in 2014, JJ moved back to the Bay Area where they have continued working as a Choreographer (Rae Talent and Model Agency), bacame one of three hosts on a podcast dedicated to the art and culture of dance  called More Than Movement on Spotify, performs at local bar and events in drag as there alter ego Evvy Dense, and continues to share their passion and love for dance throughout the many classes around the Bay Area.

How would you describe your music style?

I listen to everything, you never know what your gonna get! Ghetto Rap, Pop-tastic, Ratchet, Sexy RnB

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JJ’s Dance Schedule

Tuesday 6:30 pm