When did you last push yourself out of your comfort zone?

Check out Devi’s post- Monsters of Hip Hop Convention Reflection and get ready for some serious inspiration. And Devi, we’re your crew and can’t wait to order a pizza!


If having kids half your age literally dance circles around you isn’t a bruise to the ego, I’m not sure what is.

Monsters of Hip Hop was a challenge.  If the fast-paced and intricately detailed choreography, carpeted floors, and absence of mirrors weren’t enough, the distraction of wondering whether I was closer in age to the dancers in my class or their moms observing on the sidelines would have done me in.  Not to mention the jealousy I felt when, during our lunch break, pizzas ordered by said moms arrived for the kiddos’ dance teams.  Where was my team?  Where was my mom?!  Where was my pizza?!?!

And, yet, I’m totally glad that I went.  I mean, dancing to “Down In The DM” in the company of children to whom I could have given birth was, in itself, worth the price of admission. (Um…have you heard that song?  Let’s just say Yo Gotti isn’t trying to get a snapchat of that pizza if it’s cool.)

monster danceBut, seriously, I had some awesome takeaways.  It was valuable to step into the role of student and to experience firsthand what is trending right now in the world of Hip Hop Dance.  It’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s fierce…and, to be honest, some of it isn’t entirely relevant to Hip Hop Club at uforia.   We hit the dance floor to get sweaty, shake away the day, find our swagger, and feel sexy…not to get tripped up on fancy footwork or complicated hand-ography.  Dancing with my fingers just doesn’t get me hype the same way that full-out twerking does, ya feel?

All in all, the lessons I learned at Monsters are well represented by a few quotes of  choreographers from which I took class last weekend:

“You gotta have a crew.” –Chonique

It’s simple, but powerful.  Part of what makes dancing at uforia such a blast is dancing among friends.  We come from all different places, professions, and backgrounds, but, for whatever reason, the universe brings us together for sixty minutes to let loose, to feel the music, and to shake what our mamas gave us.  And, I must say, I trust the universe.

“I may be down, but I ain’t out.” –Rhapsody

DeviSo, I’m not saying you should dance when you’re sick.  This choreographer shared this nugget in response to the fact that she was losing her voice.  In that context, this quote didn’t apply to me, and yet, in the moment, it resonated with me so much.  I was so challenged by the choreography that, when we broke into smaller groups, just about every part of me wanted to go check my phone, grab a sip of water, take a potty break, or, well, just run away.  But, I didn’t.  I stood, proud and tall (like, literally, several heads above my fellow dancers), took my spot on the dance floor, and gave the best damn “Down In The DM” performance I could give.  And I lived to tell the tale.  I think it’s important for us to face our fears and dive into the fire of challenge, even and especially when it is super hot, to remind us that we are strong enough to come out, safe and probably smiling, on the other side.

“You all look uncomfortable.  That’s a good thing.  If you aren’t being challenged, then why are you here?” –Phi (of Jabbawockeez)

Whenever you step out of uforia and back into your world, I want you to leave with a glowing sense of accomplishment.  I want you to kill it and know, without a doubt, that, regardless of what happened before or after, in Devi’s class, you slayed.  In order to slay, though, there’s gotta be a dragon, right?  Sometimes I say, “It’s not easy, but we can do it.”  And, together, we can.