uforia Rockstars: How to Keep Up Resolution Momentum

2018 snuck up on us pretty quickly, didn’t it? Before the clock struck midnight, our Resolution list was done and our goals were set for 2018. If you’re like us, we knew we wanted to bring double the sweat, , better fitness and more health into our next trip around the sun. On January 1st, we traded our New Years party dresses (or suits) for a pair of Nike’s and flutes of bubbly for some SmartWater.  Game face? Check. 2018? Ready to crush it.

The first week starts out strong. We muscle through a Grit class (and avoid any and all stairs the next day), sweat through a cardio party Revolutions class and werk it in Hip-Hop. We got this!

Then… work starts to get in the way. Deadlines are looming above our heads. Days in the office get longer. Sitting in traffic during our commutes begin to wear on us. Hitting that “snooze” button sounds SO much better than getting to the studio for an early morning, pre-work class. Before we knew it, the weekend was here. Thank goodness! At brunch those pancakes sound SO much better than a veggie omelette. Is meal prep really that necessary? The Golden Globes are on!

Basically, there’s a lot to throw us off track. We are human. BUT we made a promise to ourselves and we are going to stick to it.

Feeling great is a priority and uforia Studios is your number one supporter in making that happen. Now is not the time to lose momentum, we are in this together!

We caught up with a few of our Rockstars who shared their goals and resolutions for 2018, and how they are staying accountable when the going gets tough.

Kristy Skelly (Nob Hill, GRIT): 

“My biggest resolution is to focus on healthier eating in 2018! I like to think I eat pretty healthy, but we all tend to think a little more highly of ourselves when it comes to health and wellness. Guilty! I am vegetarian and don’t do the best job of prepping meals– it’s so easy to make a pizza or a plate of pasta versus taking the time to cook something nutritionally dense. My goal is to minimize these last minute easy, meals. To stay accountable, I am using the app Zipongo for recipe inspiration. I love it! It has some easy, healthy and tasty recipes so I never have an excuse to order takeout or make a pizza. I also just started a fitness-focused Instagram (@kfrillfitness), so this will force me to get in the kitchen and share my creations! Follow me!”

David Murray (Palo Alto, Revolutions):

“While I don’t have a specific resolution I do have a perspective I wanted to share on them! My thought is that once you have one that’s a lifestyle change you’re trying to make,  it’s best to start on them immediately and not wait until January 1st. The more “sacred” or “special” it feels, the less likely you’ll be to change your “normal everyday life”. I’ve found this to be BIG with weight loss goals. Instead of saying “I’ll start next week”, say you’ll start TODAY. You’ll be more likely to be successful with next week.

Ashley Capurro:

“I intend to live a life with more balance. give myself more opportunities to travel outside of the country, speak and LIVE my truth and become a GRIT Rockstar!”

Rally Adamos (Nob Hill, Revolutions): 

” I will take 4 classes at Uforia a week (come take one with me!)and turn off my work laptop/phone/ipad/TV by 5pm. I’m also a pretty outgoing person, so I want to meet someone new in every single class. Come say hi!”

Jackie Gragnola (Nob Hill, GRIT): 

“Relationships with my friends and loved ones are really important to me, but it can be difficult to keep those maintained when I don’t live close to a few of them. My resolution for 2018 is to call and FaceTime at least three friends a week to stay in touch with those that aren’t in San Francisco! I’ve made a little calendar to keep track and maintain a visual for progress– this reminds me why I set this goal for the year. Priorities!”

Jessica Baier (Pal0 Alto, Revolutions): 

“2017 was a tough year for me. I got out of an unhealthy 4 year relationship, re-discovered what mattered most to me and re-built my life to look exactly the way I wanted.  Thankfully, I found uforia and became a Rockstar around the same time! It gave me an outlet while I was going through the thick of it, and became a catalyst for the other changes I made. With all these great changes, I’ve found it more and more difficult to budget my time. I’m a full-time graduate student at Stanford, work part-time AND teach Rev, so there are never enough hours in the day to get my to-do list completed! To stay accountable, I sit down every Sunday night and prioritize what needs to get done, and tackle those things first. Planning has already helped me a ton and helps with the stress of juggling so much!”

Michelle McGovern (Nob Hill, GRIT):

“This year, instead of setting Resolutions (which I feel indicates that something is in need of a change), I’m setting Intentions.  Intentions seems like a much more positive word! I love to sit down and set intentions for the year ahead, and goals for the upcoming month.  I always set monthly goals – it feels so much less overwhelming than a yearly resolution. For January, I broke it down in 3 parts: Fitness, Nutrition and Personal goals.

  • Fitness – Incorporate more flexibility into my life by dedicating a few minutes each day to my yoga practice.  I’m using this January program by Yoga with Adrienne (my favorite) to keep me accountable through the month.
  • Nutrition – Eat less sugar!  I’m doing this by starting the Whole 30 on January 1st and doing it through the end of the month.
  • Personal – Spend more quality time with my fam 🙂  I’m doing this by getting my husband to join me in both YOWA and Whole 30.  Then we can yoga and cook together!”
Protip: I try to make my goals SMART a(specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time bound).”

Dynasti Hunt (Nob Hill, GRIT):

“I’m taking my 2018 to the next level.
Next Level in Educating Myself: I love being a sponge and learning new things everyday! In 2017, I didn’t spend enough time educating myself. This year I’ll be reading one new book a month; the idea is to help me reach my fitness and professional goals. In order to hold myself accountable, I’ll be sharing book reviews on my new blog, dymeetworld.com.
Next Level in My Classes: I love teaching GRIT and am committed to finding new ways to increase everyone’s strength in each of my classes. I’ll be spending time in 2018 building workouts that challenge you to grab heavier weights, get lower, and hold that plank for 10 seconds longer. Anyone taking my class should expect more challenging core sets, encouragement to grab heavier weights, and longer plank sets!”
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