How to Find Balance In Your Life

Hello again wonderful uforia community! I’m excited to be back with my second blog post, and have loved hearing from those of you who have tried the energy bar recipe that I shared last time.

lisaThis time, I’m digging into a topic that is incredibly important to me and that I think will resonate with all of you – the quest to find balance. Throughout all of the ups and downs of my journey to find health and happiness, one word has always resonated with me: balance. I think this is something that most of us have struggled with at some point in our lives, and also what most people are ultimately striving to find.

So, how do you find this amazing “balance” thing anyway? Balance means something different to everyone, and honestly, I’m still figuring it out for myself – but I’m well on my way! Here are some of the steps that I have found to be most significant and helpful for me:

Quit comparing yourself to other people: accept YOUR body and what works for YOU!

Listen. We are all different. We are different people with different genes, different builds, different lifestyles. The diet or workout routine that worked for your BFF who is a head taller than you with a totally different body shape won’t necessarily be the best thing for you and your body! Experiment to figure out what works best for YOU. Most importantly, find something that is sustainable for you and your lifestyle.

Listen to your body. No really…listen to it!

This may seem like a total no-brainer, but it is much easier said than done. Let’s consider exercise, for example: uforia is obviously a community of people who love to “embrace the sweat” together. But, we need to be careful not to over-do it. I know that this is my personal weakness and something I’m continually working on. uforia classes are super fun and it’s easy to get hooked on that good ol’ endorphin-high from great workouts, but it’s incredibly important to give your body the rest it deserves. When your body is telling you it needs a break, don’t ignore it! Your favorite classes will still be there in a few days, and you’ll feel more energized and ready to jump in to give it 100%!

If you have a craving, satisfy it all the way.

Every single nutritionist I have seen has told me the same thing: when we have a craving and can identify it as such, you need to satisfy it, because the more you deprive yourself the more you are likely to binge later. Don’t settle for a substitution because you will never be content and will most likely end up overeating. Lately, I’ve been having major cravings for Yogurtland. When I know that’s what I want, nothing will suffice til I march over there for my cup of fro-yo and toppings. Sometimes the craving is carnitas tacos, or salted caramel ice cream. Whatever your craving is, allow yourself a reasonably-sized serving. Savor it. Then move on!

Be present, wherever you are

Mindfulness plays a huge role in finding balance and is something that can be practiced for even a few minutes every day.  In my recovery process, I have learned how to reengage my mind with my body, whereas with the eating disorder I found myself constantly disconnected. Now I practice staying present in every facet of my life, be it at work, socializing, exercise, eating, etc.  Stay engaged, stay focused and check in with yourself if you feel your mind drifting away.This will help you get the most enjoyment and productivity out of everything you do.