How To Clip In

It’s official! We’ve made the switch to cycle-shoes-only in The Underground, so now everyone can experience the benefits of clipping in for a safer, more efficient workout.

If you’ve already been using cycle shoes, you know that they offer greater stability through all of those tap backs and figure-eights, as well as a more efficient transfer of power throughout every pedal stroke.

If you’re new to cycle shoes, we know that it can seem a little bit daunting to lock yourself onto a bike! We were all cycle-shoe-newbies once too, so we get it. But, we promise that you’ll get the hang of it in just a few tries and will love the way that clipping in upgrades your ride.

SPD clipsTo clip in, first take a look at the clips on your shoes. See that pointy part at the top of the triangle? When you hop on your bike, you’ll be sliding that bit into the pedal clip, then pushing down to snap your shoes into the pedal.

Also notice where the clip sits on your foot – it’s on the ball of your foot, not way up by your toes.

Now that you have a visual, hop on that bike and spin your pedals so that one is all the way down. Then, follow our easy 3-step process:

Just Point, Slide, and Snap!

1) Point the pointy part of the clip straight forward in the middle of the pedal

2) Slide your foot forward into the clip

3) Snap your shoe into place by pressing your weight down. You’ll hear a clicking sound when your shoes click into place.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it at first – it’s normal for it to take a few tries while you’re getting the hang of things!

Once you hear that beautiful little clicking noise, spin your pedals to clip in on the other side. Now, you’re ready to celebrate your new found shoe-victory with an awesome, sweaty class. Let’s ride!