How stumbling into uforia changed my Monday nights!

This week we got an inside look at how one young uforian, Olivia, stumbled into uforia and how it has changed her fitness life!

What did you do before uforia?

Ever since elementary school, I have played tennis and basketball competitively. When my basketball season concluded at the end of February, I didn’t know what to do. I had never before experienced a time when I was not playing a sport and growing up in a very active family, I have always considered exercise to be an essential part of my life. I wanted to find a new form of fitness that would keep me excited about my workouts.

How did you discover dance?

One Sunday, my sister, a competitive dancer, gave my cousin and I a hip-hop lesson in our living room. This is so much fun, I thought to myself, I want to start dance! Although my sister encouraged me to avoid anything dance-related as I would “definitely embarrass” myself, I decided to try Zumba and googled “zumba in palo alto,” leading me to uforia! I found a friend to try it out with me and we signed up for a class with Matt.

What did you think of your first class?

Although I essentially stumbled around the studio and flailed my limbs with no sense of rhythm or control that first class– yes, I even managed to slip and fall–  I had SO much fun and literally couldn’t stop smiling. “We absolutely need to go back!” my friend said to me after. I agreed. For an hour, I could listen to super fun music, dance, and follow a talented, energetic instructor. And I was certainly eager to improve my Zumba skills. With practice, I knew I could progress.

What now?

Over the past several months, I’ve been going to uforia for as many days a week as I can. I’ve tried Zumba, fever, and Revolutions and loved them all. While I had been excited about Zumba from the start, I had never thought spinning would be something that I would like, but the super dark room, high-powered music and animated instructors at uforia make spinning a party. Although I was exhausted when I arrived at my first Revolutions class, the contagious energy of everyone else in the studio rubbed off on me and it turned out to be one of my best workouts ever. I was so pumped up after class that I had to run down the street and back before driving home!

Why do you love uforia?

It is a special place; there are so many exercise studios and gyms in the area, but the amazing community and energetic vibe separate it from the rest. Classes are filled with people of all ages, united in their gusto for fitness. The enthusiasm and positivity radiated by everyone at uforia is truly infectious… it is impossible to not feel uplifted after a class! I am thankful to have found such an incredible studio, where I have been able to try new forms of exercise and challenge myself. One of the best parts of my week is carpooling with friends to Zumba class and losing myself in the beat for an hour. Who doesn’t like Monday evening dance parties?