How bliss is keeping this busy mother relaxed, longer and stronger!

This week we were able to chat with the very busy mother of 3 and very active uforian, Julie Sequeira! You’ve seen her smiling face around the studio and in many, many classes. In fact, she took 5 classes in 1 day, a new record.

With such a busy schedule, how do you make time for uforia?

While I love my time with my kids, uforia is my primary release and what I prioritize as “me time”. I am an MBA type by training and was working as a strategic consultant in my “prior life”. Perhaps I’ll go back to work in the next year or so, but it will have to be something that allows me to fit in my family AND my uforia !

What attracted you to uforia?

I have always been more of a “class” person than a “machine” person, and Zumba has been my exercise passion of late. I happened upon uforia originally through some type of online offer for Zumba classes. And, once I tried it, I was truly hooked. Bottom line, uforia has the most amazing classes in the area with best-in-class instructors and a really robust schedule. Further, the team innovates constantly to ensure that the offerings stay “cutting edge”. Beyond that, I can honestly say that I loved (and love!) everything about uforia that surrounds the class experience — the unique atmosphere in the old church — the friendly faces at the front desk — the very clean facilities — the cold towels after class — the supportive community– I could probably go on and on…

What classes do you take?

In general, I tend to gravitate towards the dance-y type classes. I started at uforia with Zumba, and it still fuels most of my days and leaves me wanting to come back for more. I am addicted to Matt’s classes and his Broadway flair, and I love Asya, Jazon, Kelly and Carmen. I also really liked fever in its day, and I am beyond psyched that Lee is now at uforia teaching Hip Hop! But, I have more recently begun experimenting with other classes as well. I am really enjoying “bopping” through Matt’s revolutions classes. And, my 2014 resolution is to get more GRIT into my life as the classes I’ve taken with Alissia and Lauren have been great and left me with that “you know its working” feeling the next day. SIDE NOTE: Julie had just mentioned that recently friends and other clients have commented on how fit she is looking and she swears it’s the GRIT classes she’s taking more of! And then of course there’s Bliss…

Why did you start taking bliss?

While I love Zumba and its high-energy calorie-blasting cardio workout, I was feeling that my routine could use some “rounding out”. In prior lives, I had done a lot of dancing and power yoga, and I missed the strength and flexibility that I gained from each, but I couldn’t seem to fit them into my routine. For me, bliss was the perfect solution, and I was thrilled when it was finally revealed a few months ago. The combination of modern dance, yoga, Pilates, stretching and meditation is so unique. And, the timing bliss after Zumba class and the length (45 minutes) enabled me to combine the two, which I personally view as very “complementary”. Finally, the impeccable music choices really set the tone and propel the class.

What physical changes have you noticed from doing bliss?

First, I have noticed my flexibility increase measurably. In recent years, I had stopped taking the time to really stretch, and I was beginning to think my flexibility was a lost cause. After going to bliss 1-3 times a week for a month, I could feel real, significant improvement in my flexibility. Second, I noticed marked improvements in my core and muscle strength from the yoga and the palates moves. Third, especially in the 2nd feel my balance improve. You can really note these improvements as the moves in bliss are consistent class to class for a few weeks/months enabling you to begin to “master” moves that were very challenging when first introduced. Last but not least, I find myself emerging from bliss class with a peace of mind and “serenity” that carries along for hours afterwards.

How would you recommend bliss to a someone who is a little afraid to take the ‘swan dive’ in?

It’s a really unique and innovative workout that rounds out your cardio and/or strength routine by bringing together many wonderful elements from different disciplines (i.e. yoga, dance, Pilates) and choreographing them to the perfect soundtrack. Bliss motivates you to try things you might not have thought you could do, pushes you to persevere and improve, and rewards you with meaningful results and a Zen feeling of satisfaction. And, with such a small time commitment!

What’s your favorite post class treat?

You mean something more than the indulgent hot towel that magically appears after bliss class? Hmmmmm….. A long hot shower! Especially since I’ve typically also been to Zumba beforehand. But, beyond that, it really depends on the time of day. After a morning class, a delicious green smoothie is the perfect treat. And, at night, a steaming mug of rooibos chai tea under a fuzzy blanket on the couch. Ahhhh….