How a fitness challenge changed my lifestyle!

This week we caught up with Gillian, who I’m sure you recognize as the smiling concierge who checks you into classes and hands you your chilled post-sweat towel. Gillian won the most recent concierge fitness by taking a record 33 classes! Read all about what you learned and gained from the challenge.

In the past, why didn’t you enjoy working out?

Having participated in a number of sports as a child, I was never really into “working out”. I didn’t belong to a gym, and besides from an occasional walk or run, I really only ever got exercise through after-school practices. That all changed once I went off to college and no longer found myself a part of any team. I really missed that feeling of working hard with others towards a common goal and had trouble motivating myself to become a gym person.

What changed when you joined uforia?

I found that I didn’t have to just run on a treadmill to work up a sweat, but rather, could have a great time in a class full of others who pushed me to work as hard as they were.

And now, I have a confession – I love nothing more than a little bit of friendly competition. So imagine my excitement at the thought of a month-long fitness competition between your very own uforia concierges! But what started out as simply a quest to take the most classes quickly became a lifestyle – one that was no longer about beating fellow co-workers, but about pushing myself and feeling my best.

What did you learn about yourself during the challenge?

The challenge encouraged me to try new things, step out of my comfort zone, and take classes with all the different instructors at uforia. I was finally able to try out at least one class with every single revolutions instructors, and additionally, I made of habit of attending the Monday and Wednesday’s Grit with CJ.  His class was something I always thought was slightly intimidating, but if it weren’t for this past month, I probably wouldn’t have found one of my all time favorite classes at uforia. With each class, I felt myself becoming stronger and after every hour, I’d leave with enough sore muscles to remind me of the hard work and progress everyone makes during those mornings.

What do you recommend to others about starting their own fitness challenge?

I definitely believe that this fitness challenge was the helpful nudge I needed to get myself in the mindset of a healthy lifestyle. Once exercise was combined with great music, talented instructors, and a strong community, it no longer felt like a daunting chore, but instead, a necessary way to complete (or start) each day. Then, when fitness became a regular part of my week, everything else seemed to fall in line as well. I was eating healthier, fresher foods, drink more water, sleeping better, and just all around felt more alive. So I encourage everyone to devise your own personal fitness challenge, and not necessarily just with others, but with yourself. Whether it be to try a class you have been afraid to take, or come to a certain number of classes a week, push yourself to step out of that comfort zone and see how you feel after one month!